First Year Council Elections 2016-17


Congratulations to the 2016-17 First Year Council!

Welcome to First Year Council Elections

Do you want to be part of First Year Council? Yeah you do! Get ready for First Year Council Elections over the next two weeks. Any questions about elections, timelines, or specific requests can be addressed to

Elections Information

Elections Timeline
Nominations Open September 12th at 12:00 am To nominate yourself for a position, fill out the form that can be found in the “nominations” tab.
FYC Info Session

(ESC 201)

September 12th, 4:00pm First Year Council Info Session, run by past FY Councillors.
Nominations Close September 19th, 5:00pm All nominations must be submitted in the red Box of Democracy in the Vice Office.
All Candidates Meeting (ESC 201) September 19th, 5:00pm Learn about election rules, and how to not get in trouble!
Debates (ESC Atrium) September 20th, 6:00pm Learn who to vote for!
Campaigning Starts September 20th, 12:00am Candidates and the EUS will be promoting the Elections. There will be various events throughout this time that can be on the next tab.
Voting Starts September 22nd 12:00am All students will receive an email informing them to vote. EUS will be promoting the voting link and encouraging a great turnout.

Want to vote at a polling booth? There will be stations at the following locations:

THURSDAY: ESC Eatery 11-2 pm; Red Sales  1-4 pm

FRIDAY: Red Sales 11-2pm

Voting + Campaigning Close Sept 23rd 5:00pm The newly elected FY council will be announced after polls close! Come to the First Year Room in the ESC at 5pm to hear the results first-hand.


Nominations are now closed.



The President leads First Year council – they are the
official spokesperson of all first years, they sit on EUS
Council and the AMS First Year Committee, and they
supervise the First Year Councillors.

The Vice President supports the president, and takes on special projects. They are responsible for coordinating the First Year E-WEEK team, and making sure the First Year Chariot and Ball Model are up to scratch!

The Secretary is responsible for internal affairs – means room bookings for meetings, taking and submitting First Year Council minutes, and keeping First Year policy up-to-date.

The Academic Rep works alongside the EUS VP Aca- demic to improve the academic experience of the First Year class. They represent the class alongside with the President at academic meetings like Grand Council.

There can also be up to two Pub Reps! The Pub Reps promote and communicate all events and services of the First Year Council – they maintain the First Year Council Facebook and Twitter, create posters, and make the First Year Slipstick (yearbook) pages.

The Social Coordinator is – as you could probably guess – responsible for social events! They strive to enhance student life and the social environment for the First Year Class. They sit on the EUS events committee, and meet with the social/events coordinators of Department & Ex-O clubs.

There can be up to two Sports & Charity Reps. They oversee sports and charity events and services, from coordinating First Year UBC REC teams to coordinating First Year involvement in EUS charity events like Blood Drives or Pi Week.

The Treasurer is responsible for the money! This means recording all expenditures by First Year Council, maintaining the First Year Council budget, copying and submitting receipts to the EUS VP Finance, and keeping First Year council up to date with it’s financial status.

There can be up to two Vantage Reps. Vantage reps serve as the voice of the Vantage College engineering students.


You will receive an email on Sept 20th at 12:00 am informing you that voting is open if you are eligible to vote in the FYC Elections 2016. All first year students (students with first year academic standing) are eligible to vote.

If you are having any issues voting on the ballot, please email with [VOTING ISSUE] in the subject so we can response right away.

Vote in the 2016 FYC Elections

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