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Welcome to E-Week 2017

Welcome to E-Week 2017: the very best week of the year. Get ready (or Red-y?) for a week of intense fun, hosted by your very own EUS. It’s about Engineering pride, wearing Red, having fun, and taking a break from school to show everyone why engineers rule the world.

So get ready:

E-Week is coming.


Want to volunteer to help with an event? You can earn your department points for volunteering! Do you need even more incentive (apart from just helping your team win)? Well…

  1. 100 points for your team for each event you volunteer at!
  2. GET AN E-WEEK SHIRT: if you volunteer for 3 or more events!
    (If you are too busy competing to volunteer you can also buy an E-WEEK Shirt for $10)
  3. GET MONEY ($$$) OFF EBALL TICKETS: volunteers get a 50% off rebate for E-BALL tickets if they volunteer for 5 or more events.

***In order to receive anything for volunteering, you must sign in for the events you volunteer at. If you do not sign in, you will not be counted as a volunteer.***


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Why not check out our E-WEEK events calendar with descriptions, times, and more?

Protip: you can also access all the info off our E-Week google calendar and even download the iCal for your phone/tablet/computer


Cheat Sheet

Want a printout? Here you go!cheatsheet


POINTS UPDATE – JAN 16th 9:02pm

-sans volunteer points
-sans attendance points
-sans day the movie died points (since that’s still going on)
-sans points from sunday night shenanigans

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 8.55.38 PM

Looking for last year’s winners? Never fear:

E-WEEK 2016 Winners 

Are you coming to #EWEEK2017?