No, these are for any and all year-level students, but are targeted towards first year engineering and transfer students.
The only event that costs money is E-Retreat, which you can learn more about on the Retreat page. If you’re interested in going, we encourage you to buy your ticket ASAP – they sell out fast!

All other Week E^0 events are free and open to everyone, although food at any event is only free for first year or transfer engineering students.

Reds and all Engineering paraphernalia are sold at Red Sales – located in the Engineering Student Centre. Check the Red Sales Facebook page for hours!

There are several opportunities available within the EUS – including the First Year (“PP”) Council entirely made of first years, as well as a few open Representative positions. For a full list of opportunities, talk to one of your friendly EUS exec!

Additionally check out the getting involved panel happening in the Engineering Student Centre on Monday September 12th, at 5:00 – 6:30 PM.

Shoot us an email at voice@ubcengineers.ca, and one of the EUS Executives will answer your questions! We know many things.

Tanking is an optional, fun engineering tradition where the Tankee is tossed into a pool of water by his/her friends after a series of joke charges are read. It’s both a spirited spectacle and a way to show playful banter between fellow engineers. After the tanking has been initiated you have 24 h to prepare for this age-old ceremony! Doesn’t sound like fun to you? Don’t worry, nobody gets tanked if they don’t want to be! Forced tankings are not cool and not tolerated. If you’re interested in seeing some tanking, come to retreat and you’re sure to see some exec and volunteers tanked, and you’re more than welcome to volunteer yourself as well.

The EUS offers tutoring for certain first year courses! Check in with the VP Academic for courses and times.

Alternatively, you can check out these pieces of advice from the bios of our Week E^0 volunteer team, who have all shared some of their wisdom and experience with you!

To reduce the amount of waste they produce, by avoiding the use of single-use items like disposable cutlery. It’s so easy to keep in your bag and you never know when you might need it!

Our first, and hopefully annual, first week back at school event! Full of fun activities to let you meet some new friends, get to know campus a little better and win prizes. Come check it out on September 10th!

An opportunity to participate in the awesome events we hope to bring to you, and give you prizes for doing it! You read that right, we want to give you free stuff just for coming out to our events.

Almost everything you could want to know about the history of engineering at UBC can be found at ubcengineers.ca just go to the Meet Your EUS dropdown tab, then to hEUStory and Traditions.

Alternatively, come to our hEUStory event during Week E^0 and hear about some crazy parts of our history firsthand!

Find out on Imagine Day!

E-Retreat Questions

It’s easy! Just visit our Retreat Page and click on the registration link. Registration opens on Imagine Day.

If you’ve paid in full, then you’re all set! We’ll have an E-Retreat orientation on September 11th that you’ll need to attend, and we’ll send you an email with the details for that. Otherwise, just show up for the pre-retreat BBQ on Friday with all the necessary supplies!

Make sure you bring:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Clothes for the next two days
  • Bathing Suit (optional)
  • Flashlight
  • Sturdy shoes for adventuring
  • Rain gear (rain coat, rain boots, umbrella, etc)
  • Sense of Adventure
If you want to register and pay by cash, then look for any EUS Executive or the Week E^0 Directors. All of them know how to process your payment, and ensure that you get registered for the retreat. If you want to arrange a time/place to meet up and pay, shoot us an email at voice@ubcengineers.ca.

You shouldn’t! Pretty much every first year class finishes by Friday afternoon, and we don’t leave for Retreat until 5 or 6 pm on Friday.

Retreat tends to sell out quickly! Even if we’ve sold out, there’s still a chance you can come! Visit our Retreat Page and look for the link to the waitlist registration in the registration widget there. If anyone cancels their reservation, you could still get in!

After the first two weeks of classes, you’ve started to just get to know your peers – but what about people who aren’t in your standard timetable? What about the upper year volunteers that are at the ready to answer any questions you have? Do you even really know the people you’ve been sitting next to in class?! The retreat is prime time to have some bonding experiences with all of these people. Unlike being in a lecture, retreat can help build long-lasting relationships and create unforgettable memories.