Meet the Team

Who are we?

If you think taking part in 2 weeks of non-stop events sounds challenging, just try organizing it! Each year, the two most magical weeks of the year are organized by the EUS Week E^0 Committee, led by their fearless E^0 Directors. This is the team that brings you all the excellence of Week E^0 and E-Retreat, and its members are your go-to source for any questions about everything Week E^0.

The Week E^0 team can be reached by emailing, or you can keep an eye out for this gang on campus or at any of our Week E^0 events.

We are, we are, we are the engineers…

  • VP Spirit

    Name: Kylie Kerik

    Favourite Week E^0 events: CAIRNival, even though it hasn’t happened yet!

    Favourite Star Wars character: I love them Ewoks

    Tips for surviving first year: Go outside and get some fresh air no matter how busy you think you are. This will also help clear your mind and refocus.

    Fun fact: I love snow and even instruct skiing and snowboarding! I lived in New Zealand for a year and bungee jumped 143m!

    8/10 Being organized

    10/10 Loving the mountains

    1/10 Being on time

    7/10 Procrastinating

    Greatest strengths: Being organized and structured with my work. Snow sports, I instruct skiing and snowboarding!

    Greatest weaknesses: Leaving everything to the last minute. Needing everything to be organized as it consumes more time than it should.  

  • Week E^0 Director

    Name: Corwin Shanner

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  E-BALL SOCCER

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Matt (laser technician)

    Tips for surviving first year:  Work and study with friends!  It’s always easier to understand new concepts or get through tough homework problems when you’re working with other people.

    Fun fact:  I happen to know the entirety of the rap portion of Waterfalls by heart (inspired by the movie “We’re the Millers”, of course).

    10/10 Being a cornwin

    1/10 Winning

    10/10 Sleeping through an alarm

    100/10 Being hyped about Week E^0

    Greatest strengths:  Going hard at E-Ball Soccer and getting hyped about Week E^0.  Also losing things, I seem to be wonderfully good at that.

    Greatest weaknesses:  I always think I can get less sleep than I actually need, and will sleep though literally every alarm and attempt to wake me up if I get too far behind.

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Jessica Hohner

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  Storm the Game, TRIUMF, Scavenger Hunt

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Finn

    Tips for surviving first year:  Go to office hours. Your professors want you to succeed, so make use of them!

    Fun fact:  I am the Godiva Band Director! Come play music with me!

    10/10 Knowledge on Star Trek, Fallout and Mass Effect universes

    11/10 Getting stuff done!

    1/10 Tact

    0/10 Being able to eat chocolate

    Greatest strengths:  Other people say it’s my “strong sense of self”, but I think it’s my encyclopaedic knowledge of the Star Trek, Fallout, and Mass Effect universes.

    Greatest weaknesses:  My lack of tact.

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Madeleine Yeskoo

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  Imagine Day BBQ

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Chewy

    Tips for surviving first year:  Sleep is important – never get to the point where you think you can live off of 3-4 hours of sleep every night (because trust me, you can’t)

    Fun fact:  My dog’s name is Chuckles and he’s a floofball.

    9/10 Dodging pedestrians on a bike

    2/10 Study skills

    10/10 Eating chocolate and watching Netflix

    1/10 Gracefulness

    Greatest strengths:  I have finally learned how to dodge pedestrians while riding my bike on campus (it’s not as easy as you would think, especially in between classes on main mall)

    Greatest weaknesses:  I’m just a very clumsy person
    Staying awake while reading textbooks
    Studying on a day where you can finally see the sun
    Studying in general
    Netflix and chocolate, especially together

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Nouran ElAmir

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  Paint Bash

    Favourite Star Wars character:  CHEWBACCA

    Tips for surviving first year:  Get out of your comfort zone by joining a dance or an engineering club, it makes a difference!

    Fun fact:  I passed first year without having a Canadian phone number.

    10/10 Spanish guitar playing

    10/10 Working hard

    0/10 Saying no to food

    2/10 Waking up for 8 am classes

    Greatest strengths:  I am a spanish guitar player, I love learning languages, and I can go into hibernation mode anytime.

    Greatest weaknesses:  Cannot say no to food, skipping 8 am classes

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Winnie Zhuang

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  CAIRNival

    Favourite Star Wars character:  C-3PO

    Tips for surviving first year:  Don’t buy textbooks until you get to class and the prof actually forces you to get one (you can also just ask the prof after the lecture/class/lab)

    Fun fact:  I’m a certified Tennis Canada instructor!

    1/10 Keeping composed around puppies

    10/10 Making pancakes

    9/10 Shameless

    Greatest strengths:  Curating/creating dank memes, patch-making, dog-whispering, doing the tennis, making pancakes (also ask me about my plasteroles), Neopets & Webkinz (I have no shame), eating, recycling, holding impromptu life-counselling sessions, giving advice, animal-petting.

    Greatest weaknesses:  Getting too involved and joining everything everywhere. For real, though, my greatest weakness is garlic bread (and yam tempura pLS).

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Jake MacDonald

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  Storm the Game

    Favourite Star Wars character:  The Cantina Band

    Tips for surviving first year:  Unless you have an idetic memory and/or are a wizard, don’t think you can read the book and not go to any classes, and still do well in the course.

    Fun fact:  If I’m not in class, I’m probably hiking somewhere.

    9/10 Quickness of learning

    8/10 Guacamole recipe

    0/10 Penmanship

    Greatest strengths:  I am a fast learner, I can edit videos, I can AutoCAD, and my guacamole recipe is pretty on point.

    Greatest weaknesses:  My penmanship is so bad that my English teachers made me write all my high school exams on a computer.

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Simon Chen

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  E-Retreat

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Yoda

    Tips for surviving first year:  Buy textbooks from upper years. They’re willing to sell for much cheaper than the bookstore, and based off of personal experience, it is a great way to make upper year friends (whom you will need for first year advice trust me).

    Fun fact:  I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Florida (just don’t expect me to actually teach a class because I still fall during handstands)

    9/10 Going to be early

    10/10 Being a pitchpipe

    3/10 Public speaking

    1/10 Beatboxing

    9/10 Getting lost

    Greatest strengths:  Going to bed early (who says engineers can’t hit the sack at 11?)
    Film directing and acting

    Singing  (if you need a pitchpipe I can do that for you too)

    Greatest weaknesses:  Beatboxing (a skill I’d love to learn, but currently leaves a lot to be desired)
    Public speaking for a mature audience
    Driving and taking transit (my tendency to get lost while going places has forced my sedentary lifestyle)

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Juliana Weldon

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  E-Retreat

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Jar Jar Binks

    Tips for surviving first year:  Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s about mental health, falling behind academically or literally just finding your way around campus, UBC is your support network. Use it.

    Fun fact:  I watch the high school musical trilogy every new years. It’s the start of something new. We’re all in this together so just stick to the status quo and join me.

    10/10 Being positive

    4/10 Basic math

    2/10 Knowing which is left or right

    10/10 E-Retreat hype!

    Greatest strengths:  I keep everything light hearted and positive, I’m great at cooking fish. I love public speaking and small talk and I’m really good at getting to the heart of an issue.

    Greatest weaknesses:  I mess up basic math (ex. addition of single digits) and I don’t know my lefts and rights (I avoid it at all costs–my driving test was a nightmare).

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Cheyanne Nikolaisen

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  Games night! Show your new friend who you really are.

    Favourite Star Wars character:  WALL-E

    Tips for surviving first year:  Don’t sit alone in your classes ESPECIALLY on the first day, having study buddies will pay off.

    Fun fact:  Wears a lot of UVic clothing to hide her secret identity of a UBC student… Ohhh and she is taller than Monika.

    1/10 Staying on a bike

    10/10 Loving chocolate

    10/10 External communication

    Greatest strengths:  Very very talented at falling off her bicycle.

    Greatest weaknesses:  Chocolate…. I am easily bribed with chocolate.

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Julian Roemer

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  I mean, Storm the Game is always a fun time.

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Revan

    Tips for surviving first year:  Come out to EUS tutoring events, they’re pretty excellent.

    Fun fact:  I have yet to meet someone who knows more about Star Wars lore than me (since Star Wars is important this year, yeah I’m a nerd but so are you, so build a bridge and get over it!)

    10/10 Humble

    10/10 Crushing VP Spirits dreams

    3/10 Being serious

    Greatest strengths:  My biggest brag is that I’m humble…

    Greatest weaknesses:  I’m too sarcastic for my own good.

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Erica Forkheim

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  Well it hasn’t actually happened yet, but I think CAIRNival is going to be a lot of fun this year!

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Rey!

    Tips for surviving first year:  Google may seem like your friend for webwork… but it’s really just not.

    Fun fact:  I lived in Northern Ireland for a year!

    10/10 Baking banana bread

    10/10 knitting socks

    2/10 Using a computer

    9/10 Dying from eating dairy

    Greatest strengths:  Making banana bread, knitting socks and surfing netflix!

    Greatest weaknesses:  Chocolate, I’m terrible with computers, and I am lactose intolerant.

  • Week E^0 Rep

    Name: Cecilia Holier

    Favourite Week E^0 events:  Retreat!

    Favourite Star Wars character:  Queen Padmé Amidala

    Tips for surviving first year:  Remember that your mental health is more important than grades. Seek help if you need it. There are tons of resources on campus and you’re not alone!

    Fun fact:  My hair has been over 6 colours since fall 2015

    9/10 Swimming

    8/10 Cooking

    2/10 Running

    10/10 Awesome Hair!

    Greatest strengths:  I’m great at swimming, hair dying, and making internet recipes and crafts actually turn out okay.

    Greatest weaknesses:  I can’t do the butterfly stroke and have been known to over-season when not cooking with a recipe. I also would possibly be the first to die in the apocalypse because I can’t run.

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