Week E^0 Kits

Want to know all the wonderful purposes of the items in your Week E^0 kit?

  • Sunglasses: Keep the UV rays away.image02
  • Sporf (spoon, fork, and knife):  Stop using disposable cutlery and be sustainable with your new EUS sporf!image01
  • Patches:  Put it on your backpack, put it on your gym bag, hang it on your wall… or head to Red Sales at the ESC to get an awesome engineering jacket (a Red) to sew it onto!
    • BB8 is Gr8.image00
    • Storm Trooper – let your dark side show.


  • EUS Bag:
    • Holds all your first-week goodies in one convenient sack.image03

Passport to Prizes

This year, we’ve started a new Week E^0 Passport to prizes program, where you can win prizes for showing up to enough of our events!!  Get entered in our draw for coming to enough of the WEEK E^0 events!

  • For each event you attend you get one point.
  • 5 points gets your name entered 1 time
  • 10 points gets your name entered 2 times
  • 14 points gets your name entered 3 times
  • 17 points gets your name entered 5 times

Once you have obtained 6 points, you can get an extra entry (as well as a point) for attending any of the following events: CAIRNival, Study Skills 101, Networking 101, and Transitioning to University.

How to gain points?

At each of the events we will have an allocated volunteer scanning your student ID card, so make sure you bring your student ID card to each of the events so you can start gaining points to win.

We will make the announcement for the winners on our website and facebook on Tuesday, September 20th.


1st place:

  • Red:  This jacket (or Cardigan) is a symbol of engineering spirit at UBC; sew patches, pin pins, and wear this Red with pride! Worth: $150


  • UBC Bookstore Gift voucher: Go get yourself some UBC swag or textbooks. Worth: $100

2nd Place:

  • E-Ball ticket: A ticket to the best event of the best week of the year! the Engineers’ Ball is a formal event at the end of E-Week where everyone can dress up and have some fun after a crazy week (also when the winning department is announced).  Worth: Priceless.


  • Godiva or Knight patch:
    • Knight patch: There are many thoughts on what this patch might represent. Some believe that it is our patron saint Lady Godiva in armour, some believe that it is Godiva’s husband, and some believe that the knight represents the Engineer—following in Godiva’s footsteps, ever sacrificing.
    • Godiva patch: This patch shows engineering’s patron saint, Lady Godiva.  Both worth: $35.

3rd Place:

  • Red Sales voucher: Put the voucher towards a Red, patches, travel mugs, shirts and all sorts of Engineering swag.  Worth: $20

Link to Passport Form: