Macleod Study Space Concerns


On Thursday November 8th, the APSC Dean's Office closed down 5 study room (403, 409, 411, 413, 415) to be renovated into offices for the APSC Dean's Office Marketing and Communication Team. No prior notice was given to student leadership or the student body. This issue has been resolved.

If you have any additional comments or feedback, please fill out the complaints form.


March 15th

An email was sent by the APSC Associate Dean of Education and Professional Development to all ECE students. The email outlined the permanent plan for the Macleod study rooms.

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January 12th

The EUS VP Academic met with the APSC Associate Dean of Education and Professional Development to go over the potential permanent solution. This included:

  • The return of 2 study room on a permanent basis.
  • The return of 1 study room on a semi-permanent basis with its status reviewed yearly.

This plan was sent to the department of ECE for approval.

December 5th 2017

An official response by the Dean's Office was sent to all ECE Students. It included the following points:

  • A formal apology with regards to the communication breakdown that occurred in the reallocation of those study rooms
  • As a temporary solution, three rooms that were previously reallocated were given back to ECE students until April 2018. Rooms in Kaiser were also made available to ECE students in the evenings and weekends.
  • A promise was made to discuss potential renovations to study rooms in Macleod 2nd floor.
  • The proposal for the creation of a student working group to look at how student space is allocated.

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November 30th 2017

Quentin Golsteyn (EUS VP Academic), Joseph Hsu (ECE President) and ECE VP Academic met with Bhushan Gopaluni (APSC Associate Dean of Education and Professional Development), Ron Loewen (APSC Capital Projects Manager) and Andre Ivanov (ECE Department Head) to discuss potential resolutions.

November 17th 2017

The response promised by Ron Loewen at the Town Hall was not received.

November 14th 2017

ECESS conducted a town hall inviting students to provide feedback to the faculty on topics that could be improved. A response was given regarding the complaints surrounding the Macleod study rooms by Ron Loewen, the APSC Capital Projects Manager:

All your messages have been forwarded to me and we are formulating a response to it. We apologize for the lack of notice, and the reason students were not notified was an oversight. Our intention was to relieve pressure the faculty was experiencing in terms of space. We do recognize the priority of students requiring spaces. I have all your emails and given what I see in terms of your plights, I think they are valid and the conversion of the offices does not necessarily have to be irreversible. I will consult with my colleagues and we will look carefully at the comments sent to us. In a day or two we will come up with a response with a resolution we can look forward to.

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November 8th 2017

5 study rooms were closed down by the APSC Dean's Office with no prior notice being given. Students were asked to contact for more information.