Math and Computation Engineering


The Faculty of Applied Science is proposing a new Bachelor program in Math and Computation Engineering. This program will provide students with training in mathematical and computational science. Graduates will work in fields that require the use of software and simulation tools. The program will be a source for entrepreneurs, research & development professionals and future academics.

Key Points

  •  This program is a response to the increased reliance on simulation and computation in engineering calculations, analysis and design
  •  4.5 years, 176 credits
  •  About 240 students in UBC Vancouver Campus (60 per year)
  •  The program will be accredited by the Canadian Board of Accreditation and graduates will be eligible for a P.Eng though APEGBC

You can view the full pre-consultation document here.

Next Steps

As per UBC Policy 71, the EUS will conduct a 31 day long consultation in conjunction with the new Bachelors of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering.


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