PHYS 159 Pre-Reading Concerns


On January 21st, the EUS was made aware through an open letter signed by 95 first year engineering students enrolled in PHYS 159 that there were specific concerns with the course pre-readings. Namely, course pre-readings were published only 12 hours prior to the start of the lab period leaving some students with little time to complete them.

If you have any additional information regarding this concern, please fill out the complaints form here.

Next Steps

The EUS will reach out to the first-year academic student representative to discuss an appropriate resolution to this issue. The EUS will then contact the professor in charge of the course and make them aware of this issue and any potential resolutions.


January 23rd 2018

Quentin Golsteyn (EUS VP Academic) met with the First Year Council to determine an appropriate course of action regarding this issue. A meeting will be arranged between Quentin, Rai McKenzie (First Year President), Claudia Derworiz (First Year Academic Rep) and Dr. Ostafichuk (First Year Program Coordinator) .

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