Welcome to the 2016 EUS Elections

Below you will find everything you need to know about EUS Elections from events to candidate profiles and more! If you have any questions about elections, timelines, or specific requests can be addressed to elections@ubcengineers.ca. Most importantly, remember VOTING MARCH 21 -25

Campaigning is on now!

Learn about your candidates before voting!

Events and Dates 


Campaigning Starts March 13 at 11:59 pm Everything will go live! The EUS will be doing various elections events over this time.
Debate #1 March 15 at 5 pm This will be the first debate of candidates: VP Admin, VP Comm, VP Spirit, VP Stud Lyfe. Location: ESC Atrium
Debate #2 March 16 at 5 pm This will be the second debate of candidates: AMS Rep, President, VP Academic. Location: ESC Atrium
Meet and Greet BBQ with the Candidates March 18 at 12:30 pm We will be running a BBQ to allow time to socialize with Candidates. Location: ESC Courtyard.
Voting Starts March 20 at 11:59 pm All eligible voters will receive an email with a link to vote and can also sign on at: https://amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca
Voting Station March 21 from 1-3pm

March 22 from 1-4pm

March 23 from 2-5pm

March 24 from 1:30-3pm

Computers will be available to vote. Location: Kaiser Atrium.
Voting + Campaigning Close March 24 at 4:00 pm Voting closes!
Elections and Awards Night March 24 at 5:00 pm Want to know who won? Join us for an evening in the ESC, incorporating volunteer service awards and the election results.



Learn about your candidates in two hundred words or less! Get informed before you vote, and remember to vote from March 21 to 25 online at: https://amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca



My name is Jeanie Malone, and I am running to be your EUS President for 2016-17. I am currently a fourth year Electrical (Biomed) Engineering student, and I have served as your EUS VP Communications for the past two years. I am excited about the upcoming campaign period and look forward to talking to as many you as possible about my passion for shaping the future of the UBC Engineering community!


My platform centres around four key points: bringing the Engineering Student Centre to life, encouraging executive wellness, engaging councillors, and developing reporting strategies. You can learn more about my plans at jeaniemalone.com/platform.


You can vote in the EUS Elections from March 21-24th, 2016. Don’t forget to check out the other sections of the EUS Elections website (ubcengineers.ca/elections) for more information on debate times, candidate bios, and other elections events! If you have any questions about my platform or my goals for the EUS, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you, and happy voting,







Hello! My name is Mark Bancroft and I am running to be your next Engineering Undergraduate Society President. I am running because I wholeheartedly believe that the EUS should be doing more to better serve the diverse needs of our student body. I believe in an EUS that listens and takes initiative to get things done. Working with the executive team, I hope to achieve this vision by:

  • Promoting a culture of support for our volunteers and other engineering groups through better training, increased collaboration, and more
  • Shifting focus from events to services by improving existing services (e.g. the Career Fair and Professional Development) and examining areas to launch new services (e.g. first aid training)
  • Strongly advocating for our interests at a faculty and university level
  • Adopting an increased sense of professionalism and effectiveness in how the EUS operates

As your VP Academic for the past two years, I have committed myself to improving your university experience, achieving all my major goals. I have proven experience in all aspects of the President’s role: internal and external.

Learn more about my platform and experience at votebancroft.com! I’d love to hear from you, you can contact me through Facebook or email!

 Vice President Academic

website headshot JG

I’m Jakob Gattinger, I’m in my second year of Mining Engineering, and I would like to be your next VP Academic! My experience within the EUS consists of my role this past year as the Council Director, where I have organized EUS Council meetings, and served as a delegate from the EUS to the 2016 Canadian Federation of Engineering Students Congress in Calgary. Elsewhere on campus, I’ve served as a Student Ambassador with the International Student Initiative and been a Student-at-large serving on the AMS Microbrewery Committee for the past two years. I would like to focus my time as VP Academic, if elected, on two main areas: our engineering co-op program and the interaction between as students and faculty/TA’s. I strongly believe that at present, students are being significantly let down by the co-op program, through the lack of an appropriate website, false marketing, and a lack of focus on student learning outcomes. I will strive to bring back real value to the program, and make sure the postings the program provides are engineering-relevant (sorry, Canadian Tire). I would also like to make sure students have positive interactions with their professors and TA’s. Working with faculty members, the Dean’s office, TA’s and the TA’s union, as well as students, I would like to develop a framework for expectations for both sides of these interactions, because students deserve to work with faculty and teaching assistants who are professional, helpful and foster a safe learning environment.

Vice President Administration


My name is Aaditya Sigdel, and I’m running to be your next EUS VP Administration. I was accepted into UBC Engineering this year and love the sense of atmosphere in our Faculty.



One of the top priorities as VP Administration is bookings. Unfortunately, there is always a struggle with booking rooms for students, clubs, and associations. During my tenure, I will bring my full attention to the booking system and improve it in a manner that satisfies everyone. Aside from the bookings, it has come to my attention that since the ESC has been open for a while now, it is time for a student assessment. I will create a survey where students are able to voice their opinions on whether the ESC has been serving their needs. As VP Administration, I will represent the results and use my position to fulfill these requests.


With the grand opening of the Engineering Student Centre (ESC) this year, I believe that the VP Administration should help foster a sense of community in the ESC. This building is the core venue for Engineers and can be utilized to connect the diverse culture which exist in this community.

I recognize that the ESC is a hub for engineering students and as such, I want to ensure that the space is inclusive to all groups and communities. As VP administration, I will work alongside VP Student Life to create events which reflect these objectives.


This year, the Student Life and Sustainability Centre opened to provide necessities to student groups and clubs. As VP Administration, I’d like to create a system where students and clubs are able to request resources and equipment that they do not possess. This includes: projector and speaker rentals, a printer within the ESC, sports equipment and more.



Hi! My name is Bryan Starick and I am running to be your next VP Admin. The VP Admin portfolio requires proper organization of the range of assignments under it; from club funding, to property management, to council and policy. This role needs someone who can delegate, lead a team, and has experience in management positions.

I have the experience necessary to handle this portfolio. I have acted as the president of student clubs, and dealt with leading council and writing policy. I also work as an outdoor guide, where logistics and group management are key to safe and successful trips. My current position as ESC technician has given me a great understanding of the building’s potential, and insight into the many projects scheduled for the coming year. Finally, I have sat on council as both a proxy for current executives and as a student-at-large; this exposure to the current operation of council shows that improvement can be made in time management.

My platform revolves around proper management; of resources, of the ESC, and of EUS Council. The portfolio is large, but through delegation to experienced directors I will make sure all aspects are receiving enough attention.

When I am not working on the portfolio, you might find me skiing, climbing, and showing others BC’s vast wilderness. To find more information about my platform, visit bryan.starick.com, and vote Bryan

Starick for VP Admin!

Vice President Communications

head shot square

Hello UBC Engineers! My name is Kate Burnham and I’m running to be your EUS VP Comm 2016-2017. Since first year, I’ve had a great time getting involved with the EUS so I’d like to step up and help run the show. I’m a third year Geological engineering student, member of the concrete toboggan team, and an avid dog-lover. On Friday nights, I like to curl up and watch the food network with some dessert. My favourite emoji is the moon face. I like long walks on the beach and uncontested election races. Please don’t vote to re-open nominations, I promise that I’m actually qualified for this.

Some of the main things I would focus on next year would be:

Outreach: Improving the quality and range of our interactions with the student body. I plan to specifically target how we reach incoming First Year students.

Continuity: Maintaining the high standards of the portfolio and building on the solid foundation that has characterized Comm. I have had a lot of experience in the portfolio and would build off of that as the VP.

Internal Changes: Specific volunteer training on technical Comm skills and changing Publicity Director/Rep to Graphics Director/Rep to more accurately describe the role and more evenly distribute the work of the portfolio.

Feedback: Check in with the student body to ensure how we’re communicating is effective and see if there is anything else we can be doing to reach engineers.

Vice President Student Life

SubStairwellHello friends! My name is Daniel Luo, and I’m a second year geological engineering student. In my time at UBC, I witnessed the VP Student Life portfolio diverge from its traditional background to a more all-inclusive and recreational one; I believe that my volunteer experiences in and outside of the EUS will enable me to refine the student life portfolio in its current iteration.

As EUS sports director, I greatly expanded the sports program to include an ultimate tournament and a flag football tournament, in addition to the annual futsal tournament. I also worked closely with the charity director to expand the Movember campaign to include a physical health initiative and had a leadership role in the organization of Movember and Pi week. I currently am chair of the EUS sports committee and sit on the e-week consultation, spring conference, and events committees.

My platform is centered on engagement and efficiency. If elected, I will

– Create more all-ages events under the social portfolio

– Collaborate with VP Spirit to create an engineering competition in second semester

– Reform the charity volunteer structure to provide a more efficient system

I want to continue engaging as many students as possible by working closely with the other executives, department councils, and students at large to ensure that the EUS can efficiently provide everyone with the opportunity to relax, take a break and have fun.

After all, every student has a life.

APSC Student Senator

No Candidates

Vice President Finance

No Candidates

Vice President Spirit


The EUS VP Spirit role is there not only to remind engineers of where it all began, but to also encourage us to grow as times change. It requires great leadership in order to plan ahead, delegate efficiently, and still make it an amazing experience for everyone involved. This year I lead ENVE to their first Spirit Award and now I want to lead the entire UBC engineering community to a spirited year!

Over the last three years as an actively involved student in leadership roles my goal has always been to offer as many opportunities to as many students as possible. This has taught me the skills I need in order to excel as your VP spirit.

My leadership Highlights include:

– Leader of the EWEEK Spirit Award Winning Team!!

– Current Environmental Engineering (ENVE) Club President

– Vice-President of Environmental Engineering Student Association at UNBC 2014/2015

If elected, my priorities will include:

– Build a Stronger UBC Engineering Community by engaging students to hear what they want in order to increase attendance at EUS events

– Advocate for the EWEEK students want by listening to what students ask for this last year during consultations

– Fight for Sustainability within the EUS and reduce the amount of waste produced

– Improve Communication Between the EUS and Engineering Clubs, by advocating for departments, and ex-officio clubs to empower them to succeed

For more information about me and my goals as VP Spirit, see kyliekerik.wordpress.com

AMS Representatives

***Two candidates will be elected for this position through a “First Pass the Post” system. 

website headshot JG

I’m Jakob, a 2nd year in Mining Engineering student, and I’m running to be your next AMS Representative! I’ve been the EUS Council Director for the past year, as well as an EUS delegate to the 2016 Canadian Federation of Engineering Student Congress. I’ve also served two terms as Member-at-large on the AMS Microbrewery Committee. My plans, if elected, include ensuring the resources the AMS has (including the space for the former Perch restaurant) are appropriately used for something that builds campus community, pushing the AMS to lobby the university for more mental health and wellbeing resources, and working to eliminate the unacceptable AMS budget deficit. I believe my experience with the Microbrewery Committee will allow me to work as a councilor to continue building the student experience at UBC and developing more social and student life opportunities on campus. I would also like to have the AMS work with the university to not just increase mental health resources (which is of course badly needed), but see how they can be better allocated, including the possibility of providing ESS employees with additional training in this area. Finally, I would like to hold accountable AMS executives and staff, and work with other councilors to move toward eliminating the AMS budget deficit, and improve the performance of AMS businesses which consistently run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars range in recent years.

Website Photo

I am a third year Materials Engineering student hoping to be re-elected as your AMS representative. This past year has been a tremendous learning experience that I would like to continue in service of the EUS. I believe I have learnt a lot about the AMS’s structure and functionality that allows me to continue representing you positively and striving towards increased student engagement and advocacy.

My platform points:

 Dedication

During my time as an AMS representative, I attended every AMS and EUS council while in Vancouver for the winter term. I have also always been an avid EUS volunteer and supporter since my first year, from Pi-week, to E-week and faculty cup.

 Experience

– Concrete Canoe Team Lead

– MTRL Council treasurer

– Imagine Day Orientation Leader for two years

– Jumpstart Orientation Leader

– Engineering Squad Leader

– EUS Treasurer

– EUS Wellness Representative

– PP Council Academic Representative

– EUS E-Week Consultation Committee

– UBC Mental Health Symposium Committee

– AMS University and External Relations Committee

– AMS Educational Committee

 Advocacy

Ensuring Engineering is kept informed and providing input as to campus initiatives and increased faculty collaboration across campus. I will also continue working towards increased transparency and allocation towards fee increases.

If elected, I will continue to strive towards achieving better academic, professional and social needs of UBC students. To learn more, visit tinyurl.com/reelectJamiuforAMS or email me: jamiuabdsalami@outlook.com. I would be glad to hear what you think UBC engineering should strive towards.