2017 Engineer’s Ball Awards


At the 2017 Engineers ball, we took some time to recognize the people who have dedicated themselves to bettering the UBC Engineering community.

The EUS Emblem awards are long term service awards for graduating members. Emblem awards are awarded for service beyond that called for by the office held by the recipient, and shall take into consideration their record of service for the entire time that they have been a member of the Society.

Our Honourary President, Dusan Milovanovic, as well as past EUS Presidents Alan Ehrenholz and Veronica Knott and current president Jeanie Malone distributed the awards. Please find a transcript below.


    Have you ever met a person who always put a smile on your face? Well there is something about our first recipient that can’t help but put you in a fantastic mood. She is always excited and passionate about any new ideas – nothing is a bad idea.

    Whether she’s inspiring the next generation of engineers at outreach events, or being the loudest person in the room pretty much anywhere else, the next recipient is like a shining beacon of enthusiasm. During her time as Spirit Coordinator (back when Spirit Coordinator was like three Director positions crammed into one), she sacrificed her sleep and sanity to keep the traditional engineering spirit alive: she brought happiness and excitement to so many organizing a flawless Frosh and EWEEK

    We missed her as she went on exchange but hearing about her fantastic experiences inspired all of us to get out there. This recipient is a driving force in every organization she joins whether it be AOE, GEOROX or her next big adventure. For all these reasons and many more we present this Emblem Award to Olina Chang. Thank you for bringing your spirit and excitement to the Engineering Community for so many years.


    I am partially going to take the blame for dragging this individual into the chaos of the EUS: way back in my second year, we needed a secretary for EUS council and so of course I asked my friend with the prettiest handwriting. Really – you should see her handwriting, it’s amazing.

    This individual has sat on EUS Council for three years – twice as our secretary, and currently as our VP Finance. I cannot express how grateful I am to have her on our team. She has grown so much over the past three years, and the endless hours she spends staring at spreadsheets and filling out the ridiculous reimbursement paperwork to ensure the EUS is on track often goes unacknowledged.

    This individual has dedicated herself to bettering the society behind the scenes, and has completely exceeded my expectations for what is possible: from writing minutes to setting up our businesses with Square to actually getting reimbursements done on a reasonable timeframe to having excel magic that live-tracks our financials: I am honoured to present Robyn Starkoski with this EUS Emblem award.


    I want to sum up the next Emblem Winner in three words: Chicken. Protein. Sportz.

    This individual has served the engineering community in several roles. As IGEN President, he brought the club together – not an easy task in a program as diverse as IGEN – and put it on the trajectory that it is on today. He served the EUS well as VP Student Life organizing a number of successful social events. His return to the IGEN Council as VP External has resulted in the effective organizing of IGEN’s Project Showcase. This individual excels in a position of leadership and frequently puts the community before himself, isnt afraid to tackle new challenges, and his years of service to the greater engineering community will have lasting impacts for years to come.

    We would like to recognize his contributions to the EUS by presenting him with this Emblem Award. Secondly, we would like to commend his ability to eat a truly fearsome amount of eggs and/or rotisserie chickens.


    This individual has been involved in so many aspects of the undergraduate engineering experience and shares her enthusiasm for engineering with all her peers! Throughout her 5 years at UBC, she has been heavily involved in so many aspects of the undergraduate engineering experience.

    Despite being in MECH (a department known to be very academically-demanding), she still found time to become involved with multiple engineering groups such as the EUS as a Publicity Rep and AOE in various executive positions from SoCo, to Publicity Rep, to Secretary, to Treasurer, tp VP and finally to President. Her hard work and endless commitment/support for women in STEM should not go unrecognized – we are proud to present this Emblem Award to Rebecca McCreedy. Thank you for bringing your spirit and excitement to the Engineering Community for so many years.


    Our next recipient has been an incredibly dedicated member of the engineering community. Though not as visible as some of the other recipients tonight, throughout her years at UBC she has been involved as a volunteer with the EUS in many different areas and with several key positions in A.O.E, including being the longest running president the chapter has ever had. During her years as president, A.O.E. over doubled in size, welcoming in more diverse members and bringing the group closer together.

    >As well, the December 6th memorial initiatives, most prominently 14 Not Forgotten, have flourished under Carly’s care, raising more awareness and getting more students involved in the memorial than ever before. She is hard working and dedicated to all of her volunteer positions despite maintaining a Fizz course load. She is completely deserving of an Emblem Award.


    This individual has demonstrated leadership and contributed towards the betterment of the UBC Engineering Community. Her story starts in 2012, where she was the EUS charity coordinator and transitioned into an assistant to the EUS VP Student Life, facilitating many EUS events. In 2013, she got involved with EWB as the EUS Representative, holding a seat in the EUS council. In 2014, she continued her involvement with EWB and became the treasurer for Civil Engineering Club. From there, she wanted to create a bigger impact within her department. She took the challenge to co-run as the president of Civil Engineering Club in 2015. And this year, while finishing her last few classes left in her undergraduate degree, she’s still involved as one of the Grad Representatives of Civil Engineering Club.

    This individual tirelessly took volunteer positions within the EUS and created an impact from year 1 up to her final year at UBC. For her hard work and dedication to the UBC Engineering Community, I would like to present Shara Viaje with this Emblem Award.


    This individual has demonstrated a commitment to the engineering community from as early as his first year. Through this person’s many engineering-related involvements, both directly tied to the EUS and not, he has dedicated countless hours of service behind the scenes to the overall benefit of students. As an AMS representative, he’s tirelessly represented engineering students year after year, engaging with other constituencies and the AMS to assure our voices remained heard. As VP Finance, he was engaged in the ongoing of the society and helped run a large surplus ensuring the EUS had sufficient funding to move into the ESC and furnish it. He also reorganized some of the budgeting and accounts to make the financial side less cluttered than before. As an engaged member of Imagine Day for multiple years, he helped countless first year’s transition into UBC almost every year. He’s been engaged in this community for years, and his efforts are reflected through his various roles and the hours he put into his work.

    Through all their roles this individual has been known for strongly advocating for engineering students, relentlessly signing up for more than anyone would sanely want to take on. They are known for achieving results.

    With all their contributions, we can almost forgive this individual for working for Pearson. I am delighted to present this Emblem Award to Armin Rezaiean-Asel.


    This individual has been contributing to the engineering community at UBC for several years, she is generous, compassionate, and dedicated. She has had a profound impact on the Engineering Physics program. In her time as president and councilor, this individual has looked out for the best interests of all engineering students and been an exemplary ambassador for Fizz. Under her leadership Fizz pushed the boundaries for alumni engagement, social events, and class bonding, and they are a much better club for. Fizz is eternally grateful for her contributions to Engineering at UBC.

    This individual has also done the hard work of connecting different groups and kinds of people together and pushing them to be the best versions of themselves. This is an achievement that is hard to quantify but it is the constant selfless work that drives the engine in UBC engineering. She has a knack for being able to reach notoriously reclusive people and get their opinions and she has been able to help transform people into great leaders that have gone on to affect the engineering community in their own way. Sharada is a multiplier, she helps find the best in people and helps them realize their potential. We are proud to recognize her work with this Emblem Award.


    This individual is extremely dedicated to everything she does: from working with Club MECH to ASME. Her cheery disposition makes her a pleasure to work with, and she is able to lead without stepping on toes while still getting things done. She is committed, hard-working, and has brought Club Mech together after a few disjointed years.

    During her time at UBC she has committed her time and energy to Club Mech, with the goal of creating a better experience for undergraduate Mech students. She is always happy and enthusiastic and will always stop to say hi, but does her job as President without taking no for an answer. She works hard to improve students’ experience in the MECH department, and tries to make life fairer for current students, and students that will be here after she has graduated (such as attempting to remove ELEC 344 from the MECH curriculum). Ashley is the epitome of hard working and dedicated, and despite her tough course load, does it all with a smile. We are proud to recognize her work with this Emblem Award.


    This individual is just wrapping up their Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering. Be it his fluency in several languages, his yearly birthday week adventures for his friends or his constant dedication to EUS, to Imagine Day, to EWB, and more this individual has always been an exemplary member of the UBC Community. He  has been a constant voice of encouragement to not just myself, but a lot of other people around. He carries himself with a certain poise of confidence and support and uses that positive energy to make sure the people around him are constantly happy.

    His dedication to the environment drove him to his Chemical Engineering Degree and his commitment to humanity drives him to ventures across the country representing UBC far and wide. He is well deserving of the award and we wish him success in his future endeavours as an ambassador beyond UBC. We are proud to present this Emblem award to Marc Apduhan.


    What hasn’t our next recipient done for the EUS? He has held so many different roles that this year alone he holds three. This man has given so much of his time and passion to the EUS from improving the EUS VP Academic Role to include professional activities and run massive tutoring sessions to setting up the first ever EUS Eatery. He represents all applied science students at the UBC Senate at the same time as representing all engineering students to our regional and national engineering organizations.

    He is a fantastic listener, amazing friend, and certified EUS enthusiast. It is my pleasure to present our next Emblem award to Mark Bancroft for his continued dedication to improving the student academic leadership, his steadfast passion to the EUS, and his seemingly endless patience for my crazy ideas. Thank you Mark for all you have done; you will be missed.

    Our next recipient needs no introduction; she is a person all of you will recognize as someone who has given tirelessly to the EUS and Engineering Community at large. She is part of a select few who have successfully completed three years on the EUS Executive cumulating in being our current president. She has led the society’s seamless move into the ESC, maintained stability and leadership while implementing governance changes, effectively managed the overhaul of E-WEEK to match the consultation, she has created beautiful EUS branding and most importantly she has done this while being a kind and caring figure that so many of us look up to. These accomplishments don’t even start to list all the work she’s done for groups such as Geering Up! And Women in Engineering where she has helped motivate countless children and women to love engineering like we do.

    For these reasons and many more, we are honoured to present our final Emblem award to Jeanie Malone. Thank you for your countless years of dedication and passion – your unwavering dedication to UBC Engineering has inspired us all.



    The Bowinn Ma Award is given in recognition of exceptional dedication, service and self-sacrifice by an individual or individuals in completing their duties, both within and beyond the purview of their position(s). The recipient shall be a member of the EUS Council who has shown exemplary service on behalf of the society, their departmental club or their ex-officio club.

    This individual has been a very strong voice on council this year. They’ve kept eyes on everything we’ve done and kept us accountable for our actions since day one. They have been a strong department club president, leading their club to a strong E-WEEK showing this week.

    We cannot thank this councillor enough to their dedication to oversight. We spent several weeks this summer skyping with this councillor before our annual budget meeting as he had so many questions – and as nitpicky as it was, it has made us a stronger society with a better planned budget.

    It’s not just budgeting though – this councillor has the insight of being a past EUS Executive, and to put it bluntly, often calls us out on our shit. He has a deep understanding of executive/councillor roles, isn’t afraid to speak up when it is needed. We are amazed that he has stuck around so long – going from First Year president all those years ago to EUS VP Academic to Georox president today.

    We almost forgive him for yelling at us about dodgeball for so long. Almost. If he helps with capstone more. It is our pleasure to present the 2017 Bowinn Ma Award to Jack Park.


    The Joey Uyesugi Award is given in recognition of exceptional dedication and service by an individual, from whom it was not expected.

    This volunteer has stepped up his commitment since last year – and in fact, has continued to take on new commitments in the EUS throughout the year.

    He started off the year by submitting an overwhelming 5 applications for different roles in the EUS. Naturally, when we looked at the applications we contemplated whether he would be able to do them all effectively and keep up with school, but we were convinced that he would do a great job and we should take him on for all of the roles.

    Somewhere along the way, we even managed to sucker him into taking on further responsibilities as needed since he’s been such a reliable and effective volunteer. At our last count, he has held seven roles in the EUS this year: slipstick rep, handbuk manager, graphics rep, media co-director, Week E^0 Rep, and E-WEEK rep. He has done an incredible job in all the work he has taken on, and always steps up to make sure it is completed to his high standards and on time. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll do in the future since I’m sure it will be great. 

    It is my honour to present the Joey Uyesugi Award to Liam Jang


    Lastly, we have a special award of distinction, for a volunteer who has gone above and beyond in their service to the EUS this year.

    This individual has been with the EUS for a while – we all know and love him. This year, however, was the first year he has not been an EUS executive for a while and despite this, we’re convinced he may be working harder than us. He’s certainly been working harder than Jack and I on our capstone.

    This individual started the year taking on the elusive Eatery Director position – something that pretty much meant inventing a cafe from scratch. He picked equipment, chose a menu, and started our first food service outlet in the ESC.

    In the summer, when transition was rough, he stepped up to join us in the position of Conferences Director. He has taken a strong lead in our external relations portfolio, and we are extremely grateful for his work.

    Aside from having two fairly heavy Director positions, this individual is our APSC Student Senator and took a leading role in the Biomedical Engineering program consultation. He also moonlights as an EUS bartender, rocks the jagermeister swag just as well as Jess, and just kinda lives in the Society room.

    His wisdom is invaluable, and we often dub him our 8th executive. Or sometimes 9th, after Kleo. Thank you for your years of service, your constant dedication, and your love of dogs. It is our pleasure to present Mark Bancroft with the EUS Award of Distinction.