2017 EUS Elections

“The time has come,” the Elections Administrator said,
“To speak of many things:
Of voters–and campaigns–and referenda–
Of platforms — and standings–
And who shall be our next exec–
And what the next year brings.”

Welcome to the 2017 EUS Elections, and get ready for more Democracy. Be prepared to be invited to Facebook events from candidates seeking your vote: we’re still on the hunt for a new Executive, a new AMS Rep, and an APSC Student Senator.

Elections Information

Elections Timeline
Information Meeting

ESC 213

Friday, March 3rd at 5:00 pm This will be an information session of all the Executive and what they do. We will answer questions and talk a little about the future of the EUS. If everyone could be prepared to talk about the role and what they see is up next for the position.
Nominations Open Sunday, March 5 at evening time The pdf will be uploaded online and circulated in the e-nEUS. Box of Democracy in/near VICE all week, candidates will be emailed confirmation we received their nomination and reminder for the All Candidates Meeting.
Nominations Close Friday, March 10 at 4:00 pm Collection and emailing final candidates.
Mandatory All Candidates Meeting

ESC 213

Friday, March 10 at 5:00 pm Here Mark will go over the rules for campaigning and how the elections will operate.
Biography Due Date Friday, March 17 at 11:59pm Candidate biographies and headshots are due. 100 word and 250 word bios. Confirmation email will be sent upon receipt.
Campaigning Starts Monday, March 20 at 12:00am Everything will go live. The EUS will be doing various elections events over this time.
Debate #1

ESC Atrium

Tuesday, March 21 at 5 pm This will be the first debate of candidates, which candidates will be chosen later. More information surrounding these can be found below.
Debate #2

ESC Atrium

Wednesday, March 22 at 5 pm This will be the second debate of candidates, which candidates will be chosen later. More information surrounding these can be found below.
Meet and Greet BBQ with the Candidates

ESC Courtyard

Thursday, March 23 at 12:30 pm Someone will be running a BBQ at 12:30 to allow time to talk to Candidates, in the ESC Courtyard.
Voting Starts Monday, March 27 at 12:00 am All students will receive an email informing them to vote
Voting Station


Monday – Friday from 10:30am – 2:00pm Eatery volunteers will have a computer/table for people to vote.
Voting + Campaigning Close Friday, March 31 at 4:00 pm The best turnout ever!
Elections Announcements

ESC 213

Friday, March 31 at 5:00 pm Mark or Jeanie will announce the awards in ESC 213.
Elected Positions

President is in the charge of all things EUS. Their main job is to support the EUS Executive in all of their endeavours.


VP Academic is in charge of all academic events and services of the EUS. This is everything from tutoring to academic lobbying.


The VP Administration is responsible for the internal functions of the EUS. This include ESC, Bookings, Cairn, Volunteers, Council and most importantly the Policy and Procedure of the EUS.


VP Communications is the creative mind behind all communications of the EUS. This means everything from Facebook posts to the Handbuk to the Slipsticks to every poster you see!


VP Finance is in charge of the overall finances of the society but also the businesses and EUS industry relations.


This brand new role is in charge of all traditional engineering events. This includes everything from Week E^0 to E-WEEK to Iron Pin.


The VP Student Life is in charge of the weekly EUS events, everything from Sports, Charity and Social. As well, the VP Student Life helps interact with Department Clubs and overall engineering event planning.


The UBC Vancouver Senate is responsible for all academic matters at UBC-Vancouver.  This includes topics such as admissions, examination policy, academic discipline, and student awards.  The Senate also approves course curricula and new departments and confers degrees. The APSC Student Senator sits on the UBC Vancouver Senate as a representative for all students in the Faculty of Applied Science.


The AMS Representatives sit on AMS Council on behalf of all Engineering Students. AMS Council is the highest elected decision making body of the AMS. The Council is comprised of executive and members from all constituent societies. The Students’ Council is the ultimate authority in the AMS. From setting policy to determining budgets, Students’ Council determines the AMS’ priorities and activities. Whereas the AMS Executive administers the operations of the AMS, it is the Students’ Council that determines the overall direction of the Society each year.


Nominations are now closed. The election handbook is here.

Candidate Biographies

Daniel Luo

Hello everybody!

My name is Daniel Luo, and I’m a third year civil student running to be your EUS President for 2017/18. I served as your VP Student Life this year, and look forward to sharing with you my goals for the EUS!

My platform revolves around external relations and continuity. My mission throughout the year is to continue the EUS in its current direction of inclusivity by improving on the quality of the events that we host and the services that we provide.

EUS council voted this year to leave WESST, one of our parent organizations. This opens up new possibilities for the UBC Engineering Competition and the conferences that we send our students to. I hope to work with our council and committees to explore new options and tailor our external engagement to best serve the UBC engineering community. In addition, I will work to foster good relations with our new interim and incoming Deans of Applied Sciences and continue our good relations with other on-campus groups.

On continuity, I believe my extensive involvement with the EUS qualifies me to lead the executive team next year. I helped develop many documents this year for transition purposes, including a guide for hosting events in the ESC and proper clean-up protocol. I will work to maintain the good reporting and transition procedures that we developed.

I am happy to chat in about my goals and platform. Please feel free to contact me at daniel.d.luo@gmail.com if you would like to meet!

Kleo Kerik

For those that don’t know me I’m Kleo! Although I may appear to be only a dog, I am so much more than that, I am majestic AF. I want to make all the EUS’s students well, by gracing them with my majestic presence. My presence reduces stress, causes smiles and spreads love. That’s why my number one priority is student health and wellness, it’s really all I care about, well that and…. SQUIRREL!!

Vote Kleo for EUS President

Quentin Golsteyn

Hi there! My name is Quentin Golsteyn, I am a second-year Computer Engineering student and I am running to become your next EUS VP Academic for 2017-2018. You may have seen me online as the host of the E-Announcement video series or in real life filming all the cool stuff the engineering community is doing. When I’m not working on my videos, you might find me flying my drone around campus or running uncontested in an EUS Election.

I have two years of experience as an EUS volunteer as your EUS Video Director. In this position, I spearheaded the EUS into the world of videos by creating and managing the EUS YouTube page and creating and producing the E-announcements with my team of 5 videographers.

If elected, my main focus will be in three areas:

  • Tutoring: I will create tutoring videos targeted to first year courses to ensure our tutoring programs reaches a wider audience.
  • Advocacy: The faculty is about to get a new Dean. I will compile a report for them on the academic concerns our members have, and the improvements they would like to see.
  • Transparency: I will advocate for greater transparency on how the engineering and co-op programs are advertised to first-year and prospective students.

Feel free to send me an email at qgolsteyn@gmail.com or message me on Facebook!

Katherine Westerlund

Hi, I’m Katherine Westerlund, a second year in Geological Engineering, and I want to be your next EUS VP Admin. I currently serve the EUS as social media manager, eatery rep, and more. When I’m not licking rocks, I enjoy running, playing rec sports, and petting dogs.

I have worked closely with our current VP Admin, and learned a lot about the position and the responsibilities. In doing so, I’ve learned many things about his role as admin, and because of his leadership I’ve taken on additional responsibilities in the EUS. During this time I have written policy, helped to manage two parties, implemented the corkboard project in the ESC to reduce building damage, and more. Since February I have attended every EUS council meeting, and followed up to ensure proposed policy changes are added to the policy manual.

Through this training, I’ve identified places where changes need to take place. There is a sustainability director position next year, I would work with them to improve the EUS with initiatives related to the three pillars of sustainability. I’d work with clubs to make it easier for them to host parties in the ESC. Finally, I would work to improve the system through which council motions are tracked and updated in our policy manual.

In summary, I’ve done a lot for this portfolio, and I would like to use this experience to be successful as your next EUS VP Administration.

For more information on my platform, go to katherinewesterlund.ca.

Wilson Hsu

My name is Wilson Hsu and I am running to be your next EUS VP Administration. Currently, I am a second-year mechanical engineering student working with the current VP Administration as the Booking Manager. My platform is divided into three portions but centers on improving the ESC.

1) Streamline ESC policies and procedures
Currently policies and procedures hinder the Eatery to not open for more hours. It also restricts students on entering the ESC during weekends at the beginning of the school year. I will work closely with the APSC department on administrative issues for the building as well as having a year-round page for people to report on building deficiencies.

2) Promote EUS facilities
Are you aware that there is a free printer available right now in the ESC? You can also rent sound equipment from the EUS at a ridiculously cheap rate. All of these facilities are available for you to use but many people don’t know about it. Next year, I plan on working closely with other department councils to make use of the new facilities we currently have.

3) Reforming Volunteers
There are many behind the scenes work to make sure ESC does not burn down. However, things do end up breaking and there never seems to be enough people around to be able to fix everything. I want to expand the volunteers under the VP Admin portfolio to allow for faster and more efficient turnaround time for things to be done for the building.

Liam Jang

Hello UBC engineers! My name is Liam Jang and I am running to be your EUS VP Communications for the 2017-18 Academic Year. I believe my volunteer experience, my strong leadership skills, and my dedication to the society will ensure my success as your next VP Comm.

I’m a second year Geological Engineering student who has been actively involved this year, taking on many roles within the EUS. I’m a member of the UBC Concrete Canoe team, an active member of GEOROX, and enjoy photography, hockey, and ultimate frisbee.


My platform revolves around a number of points including progression, engagement, quality, and reliability. For a full overview of my platform, visit my Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/liam.jang.1 or my website at liam4comm.wordpress.com.


I have had considerable experience with the EUS, especially in the VP Comm portfolio, taking on roles that required various skills and efficient time management.

My prior experience with the EUS includes:

• Media Co-Director 2016-17
• Slipstick Manager 2016-17
• Handbuk Manager 2016-17
• Pi-Week Manager 2016-17
• Graphics Rep 2016-17
• E-Week Rep 2016-17
• UBC Orientation Leader 2016-17
• Recipient of the Joey Uyesugi Award for Exceptional Dedication and Service 2016-17

I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming weeks!
For more information or to ask me a question about my platform or experience, visit liam4comm.wordpress.com or send me an email at liamjang@alumni.ubc.ca.

Jonathan Frydman


Harley Johnson

My name is Harley Johnson and I’m excited to be running to be your next VP Spirit for the EUS! I’m incredibly passionate about this opportunity to enhance our community and strengthen our programming within EUS as I enter my 5th year this September.

Volunteering for many roles for EUS since 2nd year I’ve become familiar with a variety of the inner workings – from photography to E Week to Carolling and back. As a Director I’ve developed a greater understanding and appreciation of the different roles within EUS, with the symbiotic relationship between the different executives as well with their volunteers.

I’ve also spent the last year in Residence Life where I learned valuable professional skills that I want to contribute to EUS as VP Spirit. I’ve made successful events with a diverse group of students and I’m ecstatic to take my experience to a larger scale with EUS. I’ve received professional workshop training with event management and team building skills, working on a variety of teams and committees. I believe this truly sets me apart as someone who excels at teamwork, time management, and event coordination.

As your VP Spirit I plan to increase club involvement within EUS events, highlight volunteers, and increase open communication. I want to highlight the amazing work already present within UBC Engineering, publicly award the dedication of our volunteers and increase interest to new volunteers, and have the transparency to address any Spirit concerns from volunteers and attendees alike.

Madeleine Yeskoo

Hello! My name is Madeleine Yeskoo, and I am running to be your EUS VP Spirit for 2017-18. I am currently a second year Integrated Engineering student, and have served as your EUS E-Week Director and Week E^0 Representative this past year. I am excited to share my ideas, thoughts, and passion for this role during this campaign period and look forward to talking to many of you.

I am running for this position because I believe that there are many improvements that can be made in this portfolio based on the students’ wants and needs.

My platform is centered around four key points: to have a greater reach in the engineering community, to advocate for volunteer training prior to events, to shorten Week E^0 to maximize resources and participation, and to increase communication between Council and the E-Week Committee.

To read more about my platform and experience, visit madeleineyeskoo.wordpress.com. I would also love to hear from you – if you have any questions or would like to discuss my platform, feel free to email me at myeskoo@gmail.com or find me on Facebook.

You can vote in the EUS Elections from March 27-31st.

And remember, vote #YesForYeskoo.

Eve Ulmer

My name is Eve Ulmer and I’d love to be your 2017-18 VP Student Life. I am a 2nd year Integrated Engineering student and have held positions in the EUS throughout my time at UBC. I believe these experiences have given me the skills to be your next VP Student Life.

  • First Year Council Co-Sports and Charity Representative where I volunteered at Movember and Pi Week and helped organize a 3rd place E-Week finish.
  • EUS Charity Director where I organized both Pi Week and Movember Campaigns which raised record amounts.
  • EUS Bartender showing me the behind the scenes aspect of party planning.
  • EUS Sports Volunteer by helping run tournaments and processing sports subsidies.

If elected, I would:

  • Increase Engagement by creating more underage events and partnering with groups to engage with a broader range of students.
  • Enhance Charity by including Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, in coordination with our Movember Campaign, as well as restructure Pi Week to reach more students and keep professors happy.
  • Grow the Portfolio by building on the excellent work already taking place to improve the student experience.

At the end of the day, I want to run events that you would enjoy attending, so if you have any questions feel free to message me on Facebook and remember #believeinEve

Akshiv Bansal

My name is Akshiv Bansal, and I am running to be your next AMS rep. I am the current Engineering Physics president, enjoying my fourth year here. The AMS council is responsible for setting strategic priorities for the AMS, changing policy, and holding the executive accountable.

In the past I have worked for the AMS as the Sustainability Projects Coordinator. As a result, I know many of the permanent staff at the AMS and I have a good working relationship with many of them. Something often lost in the noise of politics is how much of the AMS is just businesses, managed by professionals. As councilor, I would take an active role in this, through committees like BAGB and budget.
I have also served as a member at large on the Sustainability Projects Committee and as board member for the EUS. These experiences this last year have given me a sense of inspiration to work on projects in governance and/or ops-comm. As a former department president, I can lend a unique perspective to these committees. I also have substantial experience working in engineering student teams. This is an area where there is a tremendous potential for growth on both sides. I believe there is untapped potential for a symbiotic relationship between teams and the AMS.

I want to take this kind of experience to lobby on your behalf to the AMS Council.

You can read more about my background and platform at senate-ams.xyz

Jonathan Frydman

My name is Jonathan Frydman, and I am running to be your next AMS Representative! I’m currently in my 3rd year in Mechanical Engineering, and I want to represent the best interests of the best Faculty, at the AMS.

There are three main goals that I aim to achieve as your AMS Representative:

Feedback: Communication and feedback between students and EUS officials is sometimes limited. As representative, I will hold feedback sessions with EUS executives, club and team leads, and students. This feedback will shape policy, and will be voiced at AMS meetings to address your concerns.

Give Back: With the AMS, along with the EUS executive board, I will work to improve the Engineering Student experience. Engineering clubs and teams are a unique privilege of engineering students, and I want to make them as great as the can be. I will push for increased Engineering Team funding and space allocation, and increased availability of information regarding Engineering Clubs and Teams.

Moreover, I will collaborate with the AMS Operations Committee to improve organization and policy of clubs and teams. Lastly, I will move to streamline the team and club formation process, as well as the application process for prospective team-members.

Transparency: The inner workings of the AMS are often not shared with the student body in an accessible manner. I will advocate for increased transparency, provide information on the content of meetings, and updates on project progress.

Jakob Gattinger

Hello UBC Engineering! I’m Jakob, I’m your current EUS VP Academic and AMS Representative, and I’m now running to be re-elected your AMS Representative. In the past year, I’ve chaired the most comprehensive governance review in the history of the AMS, leading to:

  • Streamlining of Council and Committees of Council
  • Realignment of AMS business and service priorities
  • Greater accountability for AMS executives
  • Increased representation for marginalized groups within the UBC student Body

I’ve also sat on seven AMS committees:

  • Governance Review Implementation Committee (Chair)
  • Governance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Student Life and Communications Committee
  • University and External Relations Committee
  • Advisory Board for Business and Administration
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Constituency Relationships

If re-elected, I will work to:

  • Finish the AMS microbrewery project and move toward establishing a memorandum of understanding with UBC to initiate construction, which I have been involved with since my first year
  • Promote financial transparency within the AMS, something which I’ve already advocated for this year for major events like Block Party and Welcome Back BBQ
  • Work to build a stronger relationship between the AMS and its constituencies, drawing upon my experiences as an EUS Executive

Re-elect Jakob Gattinger for AMS Representative!

Winnie Gong

No bio submitted

Prakhar Tripathi

Hello World! I’m Prakhar, a Mining Engineering sophomore. I’m aspiring to be your next AMS Representative, to advocate for the interests of all engineering students on the AMS Council. I’m an actively involved student, currently serving the roles of Residence Advisor and Microsoft Campus Ambassador at UBC. The role of RA has allowed me to understand the importance of addressing student needs and promoting a strong sense of community. This role has nurtured me to become organized and identify issues which we, the students of UBC, need to solve. My experience promoting Microsoft technology on campus has helped me develop interpersonal skills which shall help me in this role.


If elected, I would push the AMS to invest more of its resources to help create an inclusive and happy community at UBC through initiatives in the fields of professional development, mental health and well being, including its current services. I aim to promote cohesion amongst the new cohort of representatives from all constituencies to enhance student life at university and solve problems faced by students on scale.  As an AMS council member, I’d like to part take in Steering, Finance and Student Life Committees under AMS committee system to effectively be your voice. I will always be approachable through multiple channels to hear your perspective.
I understand with great power, comes great responsibility.I believe, I’m ready for it!

Akshiv Bansal

My name is Akshiv Bansal, and I am running to be your next APSC student senator. I am the current Engineering Physics president, enjoying my fourth year here at UBC. The Senate is the highest academic decision making body in the university where I will be a vehement advocate for the interest of APSC students.

I want to push for certain goals: sustainability as it relates to academic policy/curriculum, consideration of flexible learning/student space in all academic buildings, and greater transparency as it relates to awards. To these ends I would look to serve on the academic policy, curriculum, academic building needs, and/or awards committees within the senate.

In the senate, this year we will be setting the strategic plan for the next three years. As student leader, I am used to taking the long view on projects. An example of this is the Hebb renewal project. Our beloved clubroom is getting upgraded along with Hebb tower. Through this process, I have solicited student feedback, worked with multiple different campus entities, and used various personal connections to improve the space for students. The current cohort will never see this building, but I believe it is crucial that we do the best work possible to setup up the next generation of students.

I want to take this kind of experience to lobby on your behalf to the Senate. You can read more about my background and platform at senate-ams.xyz

Jonathan Frydman

No bio submitted.

Jaymi Booth

Hi everyone! My name is Jaymi Booth and I’m running to be your APSC Student Senator. I’m currently the Materials Engineering Club Co-President for my third year of department involvement, but my leadership across campus also involves JumpStart, UBC REC, and more. Many of you may not know that Senate is the highest academic governing body at UBC – it deals with admissions, awards, teaching and learning, among other things. I believe that my experience working with diverse groups across campus, as well as participation on various EUS committees, gives me the necessary skills to read through policies and engage in discussion with other senators.

My campaign is built upon three core values: building connections, engaging students, and developing ideas. These points draw upon the idea of a strong Student Senate Caucus, which is important in order to drive the agenda of the students at the beginning of a triennium (three-year cycle) in Senate. I’d like these relationships to create a more powerful student presence on Senate, as well as using my own personal strengths to make my voice most effective.


You will receive an email on March 26th at 11:59 pm informing you that voting is open if you are eligible to vote in the EUS Elections 2017. All members who pay the EUS fee are eligible to vote.

If you are having any issues voting on the ballot, please email elections@ubcengineers.ca with [VOTING ISSUE] in the subject so we can response right away.

Vote in the 2017 EUS Elections


Do you still want to learn more? Are you confused about the elections process? These are the people to email!

Elections Questions:

Email Mark Bancroft, our Elections Administrator, at elections@ubcengineers.ca.

Position Questions:

Email any of the current Elected Officials to know more about their roles, they are:

Jeanie Malone EUS President: president@ubcengineers.ca Jakob Gattinger EUS VP Academic: vpacademic@ubcengineers.ca
Bryan Starick EUS VP Administration: vpadmin@ubcengineers.ca Kate Burnham EUS VP Communications: vpcomm@ubcengineers.ca
Kylie Kerik EUS VP Spiritvpspirit@ubcengineers.ca Robyn Starkoski EUS VP Finance: vpfinance@ubcengineers.ca
Daniel Luo EUS VP Student Life: vpstudentlife@ubcengineers.ca Mark Bancroft APSC Student Senatorsenator@ubcengineers.ca
Jamiu Abdsalami, Jakob Gattinger, & Armin Rezaiean-Asel EUS AMS Representativesamsrep@ubcengineers.ca