The APEGBC conference started bright and early this morning, and after walking to the conference hall we sat down to a breakfast and our first keynote speaker, Gary Birch. Gary’s take away was that sometimes we need a change in perspective to bring value and change for the better to the workplace.

Following this, our first session wapegbcas the “Four Core Competencies of the Highly Effective Manager” by Greg Campeau from BCIT Business. His presentation was essentially about effectively managing your team as a leader – from delegation, leadership and empowerment, coaching, and engagement. He talked about investing in young professional skills and talent, and how to preserve a strong relationship with them as a leader.

At lunch time, Amber McArthur, a Digital Engagement speaker, talked about the fast-paced advancement of technology in the modern world. She said that in order for companies to succeed in this generation, they must adapt the concept of digital revolution. She also referenced various successful companies that incorporated the technological advancement in their investment and innovative plans.

At 3pm, Taylor and Alex went to the seminar called “Engineering BC’s Full Potential”, lead by our very own Dean Dr. Marc Parlange. Marc spoke about a few topics, most importantly Women in Engineering and the entrance goals for UBC. Marc also mentioned the new programs at UBC and UBCO, including design and manufacturing.

Some other interesting sessions that we attended were “What Really Motivates” by Michael Timms where the key takeaway was to “focus on strengths and work around weaknesses.” Also, a presentation on water reclamation and reuse, given by UBC professor Troy Vassos, highlighted the water industries shift towards recycling greywater and utilizing rainwater.

Overall, today was spent learning from speakers and also from networking with others at the conference. Let’s go Day 2!