E-WEEK Awards

E-WEEK 2016 is over. Seven days of 26 events, hosted by over 100 volunteers. We saw 414 of you out for opening ceremonies, and the week was strong all the way through. There were 170 of you at Old Red New Red – plus another 200 alumni. We raced chariots, dodged balls, critiqued movies, built ball models, filmed movies, and drank a hell of a lot of beer.

Happy E-WEEK, everyone. Only 360 days until next year!

1st – MINE

2nd – GEO

3rd – PPs

Spirit – ENVE

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 5.18.20 PM

Event First Second Third
Opening Ceremonies MINE GEO AOESPD
Red Eye Breakfast Volunteering Only
ESW Design Challenge Volunteering, Participation & Attendance Only
CaPPture the Flag MINE IGEN PP
Pit Purge Volunteering Only
AGM Volunteering & Attendance Only
Chariot Races/

Godiva March

Cooking With Beer MINE CHBE ECE
Exec’s Choice: GEO
Games Night Volunteering & Attendance Only
PPancakes Volunteering Only
E-BALL Soccer No winners due to injury
Day the Movie Died MINE MTRL AOESPD
4 Legged Race IGEN GEO MINE
Career Fair Volunteering Only
WiE Trivia Volunteering Only
Iron Pin Ceremony Volunteering Only
Old Red New Red Volunteering & Attendance Only
EWB Pancakes Volunteering Only
Career Fair Volunteering Only
Red Knight Volunteering Only
The Engineer’s Ball When the winners were released!


Emblem Awards are awarded to outstanding graduating individuals who have gone beyond the call of office in serving the student body.

  • This person has been involved in varying levels of student government throughout every year of their degree. They have been a part of FIZZ, the EUS, AMS, and UBC Senate. Their dedication to these roles, often at the expense of classes, sleep, and their relationships, show their passion to help the UBC engineering community — be it through room bookings, or representing students interests at curriculum committees. This person has become one the longest-involved members of the EUS, and as a result, is super knowledgeable in all aspects of it. What is more, he is always willing to share that knowledge. It is our pleasure to present this emblem award to Graham Beales.

  • This individual has been involved in the ECE community ever since his second year. He has been incredible member of ECESS – using his own time to keep connections between students, faculty, and industry, this has left lasting impacts on all he has interacted with. This year, they joined EUS council and was a remarkable Councillor – spearheading performance funding reform, and sitting on nearly every subcommittee we formed. We are excited to present Hamza Faran with an Emblem Award.

  • As EUS VP Academic, this individual put in countless hours towards improving students’ academic experiences. They actively looked to expand the services the EUS offered, such as including health and wellness into their portfolio, before it was widely discussed at the university-level. They continue to act as inspiration and standard to live up to for many of today’s executives. In addition, as an active member of the Sailbots team, this person has been instrumental in mentoring younger students and in contributing to the team’s success. Congratulations Kurtis Harms!

  • This award goes to a student who, rather than supporting the status quo, chose to ensure that his legacy in the UBC Engineering community would be one of lasting change. He has been involved in all facets of engineering, starting what is currently known as Open Robotics, to restructuring the UBC Chapter of Engineers Without Borders to expand into multiple roles on campus, to starting another student team, UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The student is <Alexander Harmsen.

  • This person’s passion for concrete is as strong as his dedication to the engineering student society. This person was actively involved with the EUS during his early years at UBC. As Spirit Coordinator, he dedicated most of his time preparing events from Frosh to E-Week. He was also an active member of the Godiva Band and has been involved as an orientations leader. This year, he took a big role and is currently the Civil Engineering Co-President. Without a doubt, he brought a positive and never-ending energy to the Civil Engineering society as well as the engineering society as a whole. His hard-work, positive energy and amazing ideas brought a positive impact to the society. I present this award to Simbo Pyo.

  • If you have been around EWEEK for the past few years, it is obvious to all the huge presence Mining Engineering has had. The Mining Department has shown unbelievable spirit and participation in EWEEK and this individual has been the key to this dedication. Through their role as EWEEK Representative, this person has given countless hours and many sleepless nights bringing Mining the victory. The result of their spirit has reinvigorated the friendly competition of EWEEK, bringing in many departments to compete against Mining and increasing the overall EWEEK participation. It has also brought together the department of Mining to become closer between different years, creating a proud Mining Family. It is clear that during their time at UBC they made a significant impact on the engineering and mining community. It is our honour to present an Emblem Award to Ben Raps.

  • This student is one who is probably best known within Engineering as a long-time tutor of math and physics.  However, their six years of service to the Engineering community includes a much greater array of positions held, from spending time on multiple student teams to Red Sales Manager, Fizz Treasurer, and even his First Year Council’s ‘Extracurricular Representative’, a position created just to honour their work.  However, perhaps the greatest contribution to the Engineering Community by this individual is work they did without any official role, or any expectation of recognition. In this person’s third year, they took on the day-to-day responsibilities of VP Finance, while the elected VP Finance was out of town on Co-op, and not once asked for anything in return. Please congratulate Connor Vandenberg.

  • This person has been involved with Engineers Without Borders for the past four years. She started off as a general member, then eventually held minor positions with EWB’s Global Engineering venture, then became the leader of EWB’s Leadership Development, and she was chosen to be UBC EWB’s Junior Fellow last summer. This year, she took the highest position in the chapter as the president where she oversees the UBC chapter, its 8 ventures, and UBC’s connection with other universities and African ventures. I would like to present this award to Hilary Wong.

  • This person has been involved in the EUS throughout his time at UBC. In every role this individual held, he has represented the values of the EUS. As Spirit Coordinator, he powered through Mech 2 and brought fun and joy to EUS events. As the EUS Career Fair Director, Owen was a professional presence to industry representatives, and forged new relationships between Industry and the EUS. This student is Owen Liu.

  • This award goes to someone who is more often than not found wearing a suit. They have missed numerous days of school for the EUS, representing our student body to industry, doing their best to get us jobs. This person lives and breathes industry engagement. They have worked for two fantastic years, providing students with opportunities to learn from industry professionals. As Chair of the EUS Industry Committee this year, this individual has been incredibly successful in setting a vision and deepening connections between professional groups on campus. We are excited to present this Emblem Award to Tyrel Sulzer.


    The Joey Uyesugi Award is presented to an individual who demonstrated exceptional dedication and service, from whom it was not expected. This year, the EUS is proud to present the Joey Uyesugi Award to a person who has gone above and beyond in their role as an EUS volunteer.

    This person has been instrumental in improving the services we offer to first year students. They’ve been so successful that we’ve directly reached over 400 individual students, or 10% of the engineering student body, with their work. They have contributed hundreds of hours since the start of summer, and continue to work without respite. Their work in preparing exam revision material will have a long lasting impact for many years to come.

    On behalf of the EUS, and the countless students whose grades they have improved, I am honoured to present the Joey Uyesugi Award to Daniel Schultz.


    The Bowinn Ma award is given to a member of EUS Council who has shown exemplary service on behalf of the society, their departmental club or their ex-officio club. This award is awarded in recognition of exceptional dedication, service and self-sacrifice by an individual or individuals in completing their duties, both within and beyond the purview of their position.

    This individual has been involved in all parts of EUS Council. From Performance Funding to PAF to E-WEEK Consultation, this individual has taken initiative to get involved in a variety of roles as a Councillor. As a president of their department club, this individual has spent countless hours – even during E-WEEK – working to prepare his department’s reading break trip.

    His dedication is unsurpassed, and on behalf of the EUS, I am honoured to present the Bowinn Ma Award to Hamza Faran.