EUS By-Election



The EUS is having a by-election for an AMS Rep position: we’ve counted, and we have enough students for another seat.* If you’re interested in sitting on AMS Council, now is the time!

NOMINATIONS: Nov 7 @ – Nov 14 @ 4pm Deposit your nomination form in the Box Of Democracy outside the Vice Office in the Engineering Student Centre.
ALL CANDIDATE’S MEETING: Nov 14 @ 4pm Candidates must attend.
CAMPAIGN: Nov 15 @ 00:00 – Nov 18 @ 5pm Follow the rules from the All-Candidate’s Meeting.
VOTE: Nov 17 @ 00:00 – Nov 18 @ 5pm Online!
WIN: Nov 18 @ 5pm Announcements will be made in the ESC Atrium.


    Hello everyone!

    I’m Armin, a computer engineering student. If elected, I plan on ensuring an extra voice is added into holding the executives – and societies as a whole – accountable to students’ needs and interests.

    Here’s some more information on my experience:

    – AMS Representative (2013-14, 2014-15)
    – EUS Vice-President Finance (2014-2015)
    – APSC Student Senator (2015-2016)

    – AMS Councillor (2013-14, 2014-15)
    – Education Committee Chair (2013-14, 2014-15)
    – Budget Committee Chair (2014)
    – Oversight Committee Chair (2014)
    – Member of over 15 committees

    I’ve enjoyed my time with both the EUS and AMS, and I hope you give me the chance to represent you once more.




    It’s me Andy. I’m in 4th year ELEC and running for EUS AMS Rep. Chances are you don’t really know me but you’ve seen me around. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t waste time talking but rather spend that time to make it happen. I’m involved in everything from planning the Here We Glow Again event for ECE to competing and designing with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems engineering team to volunteering at E^0 Week/Retreat with the EUS. I’ve got the most interactive experience across the spectrum of engineering and I am confident I can represent the whole Engineering body efficiently and effectively.



    I’m Akash and I’m a first year engineering student.

    Throughout my life, I have studied in an international boarding school and have interacted with people from all over the world, which has made me approachable and responsible. I developed professional skills when I acted as the community engagement leader for my student council. Additionally, I successfully completed a project to build a school for a village in the foothills of himalayas, which was previously destroyed by a landslide. My main goal is to provide academic, professional and social help to all the engineering students and promote a quality student life. 🙂


Do your homework: check out more about AMS Council, and their governing documents.

Want to talk to our current AMS Reps? Reach out to Jamiu or Jakob at

*this election is barring the AMS confirming that we have enough seats. We have confidence from the lists in ESS.