EUS By-Election

“The time has come,” the Elections Administrator said,
“To speak of many things:
Of voters–and campaigns–and referenda–
Of platforms — and standings–
And who shall be our next exec–
And what the next year brings.”


Welcome back to the 2016 EUS Elections, and get ready for more Democracy. Be prepared to be invited to even more Facebook events from candidates seeking your vote: we’re still on the hunt for a VP Finance and an APSC Student Senator.

Elections Information

Elections Timeline




Nominations Open

Sunday, March 27 at 11:59 pm

To nominate yourself for a position, fill out the form that can be found in the “nominations” tab.

Nominations Close

Wednesday, March 30 at 4:00 pm

All nominations must be submitted in the Box of Democracy in the Vice Office.

Campaigning Starts

Wednesday, March 30 at 11:59 pm

Candidates and the EUS will be promoting the Elections. There will be various events throughout this time that can be on the next tab.

Voting Starts

Sunday, April 3 at 11:59 pm

All students will receive an email informing them to vote. EUS will be promoting the voting link and encouraging a great turnout.

Voting + Campaigning Close

Tuesday, April 5 at 4:00 pm

The announcements will be released after polls close!

Elected Positions
EUS VP Finance

VP Finance is in charge of the overall finances of the society but also the businesses and EUS industry relations.

APSC Student Senator

The UBC Vancouver Senate is responsible for all academic matters at UBC-Vancouver.  This includes topics such as admissions, examination policy, academic discipline, and student awards.  The Senate also approves course curricula and new departments and confers degrees. The APSC Student Senator sits on the UBC Vancouver Senate as a representative for all students in the Faculty of Applied Science.


Nominations ARE NOW OPEN! The Nomination Period is March 28-30th. The nomination form can be found here: EUS Nomination Form 2016.

Nominations forms must be printed, filled out by the applicant running, signed by 10 eligible students who are not on EUS Board of Governors and submitted to the Box of Democracy before March 30th at 4:00pm. The Box of Democracy will be located in the Vice Office of the Engineering Student Centre for the duration of the Nomination Period.

Candidate Biographies

VP Finance

Robyn Starkoski

Website Photo

Hello! My name is Robyn Starkoski and I am running to be your EUS VP Finance for 2016/17. I am currently a fourth year Electrical Engineering Student in the Biomedical option, and I have been the EUS Secretary for the past two years. I am excited for the opportunity to expand my role in the EUS, and I look forward to talking to everyone about my thoughts for the position. My platform is centred on the following points:

1. Accountability: I will remain accountable to the EUS council, my fellow executives, the Directors and Volunteers working under my portfolio, and the engineering community by providing regular updates on the EUS’s financial health.

2. Expediting AMS Reimbursements: I will work with the AMS VP Finance to look into getting an EUS Credit Card, and expedite the submission of reimbursements.

3. Improving Volunteer and Director Positions: I will review internal positions and make relevant changes so the EUS can better serve the engineering community.

4. Properly Tracking All EUS Expenditures: I will improve the method of tracking expenditures, particularly cash, so the EUS can make the most of its budget.

If you wish to learn more about my plans for the VP Finance position, feel free to contact me! Voting opens for the by-election on April 4, 2016 at 12:01 am and runs until April 5 at 4:00 pm. If you would like more information about the by-election, check out the EUS Elections website (

Thank you!

Robyn Starkoski

Enzo Garofalo

-No Bio Submitted-

APSC Student Senator

Jen Sze

-No Bio Submitted-

Mark Bancroft


Hi! My name is Mark Bancroft and I am running to be your next APSC Student Senator, representing students in Engineering, Nursing, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and Community and Regional Planning.

What is Senate?
Senate is the highest academic governing body at UBC. It is responsible for everything from admissions, curriculum, awards, graduation, academic policy, and much more. There are 90 members of the Vancouver Senate, 18 of whom are students.

Why me?
As your EUS VP Academic over the past two years, I bring a wealth of experience to the role. I have represented engineering students on the Faculty Curriculum Committee, and have been involved in the creation of new courses and programs such as the Masters in Engineering Leadership. Through my workings with the EUS, I have developed a strong understanding of the systemic challenges faced by APSC students, and will be able to strongly advocate for our needs on Senate.

If elected, I hope to seek nomination to sit on the Academic Building Needs, Academic Policy, and Curriculum Committees.

Wilson Hsu


APSC Student Senator

Hey! My name is Wilson Hsu, and I’m running to be your next APSC Student Senator. I am running for this position because I really want to make sure students’ voices are heard. As a Senator, I will be representing your thoughts and needs to ensure any new policies and decisions are in the best interest of applied science students.


First Semester Reading Break

Many of you have probably experienced the stress of 13 weeks of back to back school with no breaks in between. Two weeks of winter break is not enough for the stress caused by the fall term to prepare the students into the spring term. I would like to work with the Senate to have a fall reading break to relieve the momentary stress from essays, exams, and assignments.

Exam Database

UBC has an online archive for old exams since last year. It can be used by anyone both in and outside a course. However, not many students or professors knows about it nor uses it. It is a great resource for students and I would like to work with the Senate to continually improve on the implementation of the universal database for the university and create a wider variety of content onto the site to increase student resources and ensure students’ academic success.

If you have any other questions about my platform please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message or via email at

Don’t forget to vote!



You will receive an email on April 3rd at 11:59 pm informing you that voting is open if you are eligible to vote in the EUS Elections 2016. All members who pay the EUS fee are eligible to vote.

If you are having any issues voting on the ballot, please email with [VOTING ISSUE] in the subject so we can response right away.

Vote in the 2016 EUS Elections


Do you still want to learn more? Are you confused about the elections process? These are the people to email!

Elections Questions:

Email Mark McLellan, our Elections Administrator, at

Position Questions:

Email any of the current Elected Officials to know more about their roles, they are:

Alan Ehrenholz EUS President: Mark Bancroft EUS VP Academic:
Scott Pidzarko EUS VP Administration: Jeanie Malone EUS VP Communications:
Meagan Fabel EUS VP Dallas Gawlick EUS VP Finance:
Alex Hutchinson EUS VP Student Life: Armin Rezaiean-Asel APSC Student
Sareena Mohammad EUS AMS Jamiu Abdsalami EUS AMS