EUS Career Fair 2018

After the event


You have participated in the EUS Career Fair!

The EUS Career Fair is a great way to work on creating a strong professional network. Make sure to reflect on the following points after the event:

  1. Revisit any goals that you set. Ask yourself what went well and what was a challenge for you?
  2. What did you learn about your career options, employers or industries of interest?
  3. What would you do differently at your next networking event?

Tips and tricks for success

Keep track of your interactions

  • Who did you reach out to? Who did you connect with?
  • Ask yourself what was a successful interaction and what wasn’t. How can you improve at future events?

Following Up: How to Reconnect After the Event

  • If you invited a continuation of the relationship during the interaction, make sure to follow up and be accountable to this plan.
  • If you received contact details, send a thank you note/email!
  • Add them on LinkedIn
  • Set up an informational interview
  • Tap into their network: who are they connected to? Can they introduce you to others who may be valuable to your interests or career goals? Is there anyone that you may be able to introduce to them? Remember that networking is a two-way street!

EUS Career Fair 2018

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Volunteer !

Want to help out? We are always looking for Career Fair volunteers! This is an opportunity to practice networking skills and interact with industry professionals.