EUS Career Fair 2018

Before the event


Tips and tricks for success

Prepare a Good Introduction

Include your name, what you’re currently doing, and an area or field of work that you’re interested in. Your introduction will change depending on who you are meeting.

Do you research: Make a plan

We are excited to host 30+ companies from multiple industries from across Canada, with 80+ industry professionals during this event. This is a great opportunity to network! Learn as much as you can about the exhibitors you will be meeting - this can be done via Google, LinkedIn, CareersOnline, and their company website. Research their career, their organization and industry. Preparation will demonstrate your enthusiasm, your investment and will keep the conversation going.

Prepare your questions

There are many reasons to attend the EUS Engineering Career Fair - you might be looking for employment, looking for more industry exposure, or looking to expand your network. Identify your motivation to attend and let this guide your questions and what you are going to discuss. What would you like to know? What are the key questions you want to ask? What would you like to find out about a particular industry, company, or person?

Set Some Realistic Goals

It is important to set realistic goals for yourself during networking events like this one. Is it your goal to find out more about a particular company or industry? How many people do you want to connect with?

Additional Resources

ASPC Professional Development has graciously provided us with a collection of resources to help prepare you for networking!


How should I dress?

Business casual. No need for 3 piece suits and blazers, but put some extra attention into your outfit and personal presentation. Avoid shorts, torn denim, t-shirts, sneakers and other casual items.

What Should I bring?

Copies of your resume, a list of important questions or curiosities, an open mind, and a willingness to share about your experiences, interests, and skills

What should I expect?

Employers will have their own booth where they may give away swag, answer questions, and be able to introduce you to available positions. There will be maps that help you find who you are looking for and other resources, including volunteers available for any support you need.

EUS Career Fair 2018

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Volunteer !

Want to help out? We are always looking for Career Fair volunteers! This is an opportunity to practice networking skills and interact with industry professionals.