Charity Events

The EUS runs many charity events throughout the year, including the APSC Turkey Trot, a breast cancer awareness month/movember campaign, and Pi Week. We also have year long charity initiatives, such as our blood drives.

Charity events can earn you points towards EUS charity patches. For more info, check out the Charity Points form. 

Year Round

Blood Drives

On average it takes around 50 pints of blood to save one car accident victim.  That is a lot, considering you can only regenerate a pint of blood every 56 days! This means giving blood is one of the best things you can do for the people around you.

Participating in EUS Blood drives will earn points for your department towards the Blood Trophy, and can earn Charity points towards a patch and a Pint 4 Pint coupon. Don’t forget to sign up through the form below so we can ensure you get your points.


Turkey Trot

Engineers love to run, and they love charity… so what’s better than putting the two together? Get ready for the Turkey Trot, a 2k run with the Deans Office to raise money for United Way!

There is even the glorious Turkey Trot Trophy awarded to the most spirited faculty (which is us, obviously). Wear lots of Red to show your Engineering Pride!

Don’t want to run? You can just walk! Not a fan of any sort of movement? Why not donate to a runner?



Are you ready to grow out that facial hair (or cover your face in fake moustaches)? We promise it is an excellent way to express your anger/sadness at the abundance of midterms, while simultaneously raising money for charity!

The goal of Movember is to support prostate cancer research and to raise awareness of men’s health issues, specifically, mental health. We want to see all UBC Engineers cultivating their facial hair (or lack thereof) through the form of stylized moustaches for the entire month of November. Last year, our team raised nearly $2,000, but we know we can do better.


Pi Week

This is an EUS favourite: Pi Week is a chance to throw pies in your friend’s (or profs!) faces for charity. All the proceeds this year are going towards BC Children’s Hospital Rare Disease Research Fund.  We will be pre-selling pies in the beginning of March, and then showing up in classrooms to help you pie your friends during Pi Week. And if you feel the sudden need to retaliate if your friends buy you a pie, you can redirect any pies sent to you by paying for the price of the pie! Happy (week of) March 14th, everyone: it’s for the children.