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First Year Council Elections


First Year Council is a group of elected first year students. They represent all first year UBC Engineers to EUS Council, run events, and are similar to a department club’s council. Many EUS Executives start out as PP Councillors – it’s a great way to get involved in the UBC Engineering community.

First Year Council elections are held in September – if you’re interested in running, we encourage you to contact the previous First Year Council! And don’t worry if you aren’t elected – meetings are always open, and there are other ways to get involved with the EUS, like our volunteer positions!

If you’re interested, and want to know more, you can contact the FYC President at


September 10th

Midnight - Nominations open (form available HERE)

September 17th

4PM - Nominations close (must be submitted to the Box of Democracy outside of the VICE Office in the ESC)

5PM - All candidates meeting (ESC, Room 201, attendance mandatory)

September 18th

12:01AM - Campaigning begins

5:30PM - Candidate debates (ESC atrium)

11:59PM - Deadline to submit biography and photo for the ballot (details below)

September 20th

12:01AM - Voting begins (email notification sent to all eligible voters)

September 21st

4PM - Voting and campaigning end (results announced at 4:15PM in the ESC atrium)

The Legend of the PPs


Why are First Years sometimes called PPs? Originally, in ages past, PPs were called ZZs. This was so that they were alphabetically last at tEUSday meetings, which once were a weekly public meetings held in the old Cheeze Factory (nowadays, they’re online at However, tEUSday meetings were democratic, and so one day enough ZZs rallied together and passed a motion to rename themselves AAs. Dissatisfied, the upper years banded together to pass a motion declaring that tEUSday meetings would be held in reverse alphabetical order. This carried on back and forth, until it was decided that the first years could be called whatever they wanted (as long as they were still last).  Somehow, this ended in the name PP, which stuck.

Available Positions

Elected Positions


The President leads First Year council – they are the official spokesperson of all first years, they sit on EUS Council and the AMS First Year Committee, and they supervise the First Year Councillors.


The Vice President supports the president, and takes on special projects. They are responsible for submitting tEUSday meeting updates, coordinating the First Year E-WEEK team, and making sure the First Year Chariot and Ball Model are up to scratch!


The Academic Rep works alongside the EUS VP Academic to improve the academic experience of the First Year class. They represent the class alongside with the President at academic meetings like Grand Council.


The Social Coordinator is – as you could probably guess – responsible for social events! They strive to enhance student life and the social environment for the First Year Class. They sit on the EUS events committee, and meet with the social/events coordinators of Department & Ex-O clubs. 


There can be up to two Sports & Charity Reps. They oversee sports and charity events and services, from coordinating First Year UBC REC teams to coordinating First Year involvement in EUS charity events like Blood Drives or Pi Week.


Serves as the voice of the Vantage College engineering students, including academic advocacy.

Hired Positions

Hired members shall be ratified by majority vote at a FYC meeting following an interview consisting of at least two elected councilors. Interviews and hiring must be completed within three weeks of the announcement of FYC election results, with the exception of Extraordinary Members whose membership shall be considered throughout the year.


The Secretary is responsible for internal affairs – means room bookings for meetings, taking and submitting First Year Council minutes, and keeping First Year policy up-to-date.


There can also be up to two Pub Reps! The Pub Reps promote and communicate all events and services of the First Year Council – they maintain the First Year Council Facebook and Twitter, create posters, and make the First Year Slipstick (yearbook) pages.


The Treasurer is responsible for the money! This means recording all expenditures by First Year Council, maintaining the First Year Council budget, copying and submitting receipts to the EUS VP Finance, and keeping First Year council up to date with it’s financial status.


There can be up to 3 Extraordinary Members! What do these members do, you ask? Well that can be up to you! Extraordinary Members help fulfill roles and projects that the FYC deems to be worthy causes. Extraordinary Members will be appointed on the basis of dedication and service to the FYC throughout the year.

Election Procedures


  • Send in a blurb (100 words maximum) and headshot to Please name your file as [first name][last name].png/jpg/whatever you like. These will be displayed on our website and the elections voting portal. Please only submit once; we will not be accepting multiple submissions. Submissions will close Tuesday, September 18 at 11:59pm in order to allow for the blurbs/headshots to appear on the ballot. This is an inflexible deadline. Earlier submissions are highly encouraged.

  • Candidates must submit a digital version of all campaign materials to the EA and President ( and for approval before use. We will take no longer than 24 hours to approve all material.

Posters and other visual campaign material shall not contain the EUS logo, the UBC Engineering logo, the UBC Alma Mater Society logo, The University of British Columbia logo, or any branding associated with those entities. When putting up posters you must adhere to the UBC Postering Policy - they MUST, however, include the EUS Elections logo


  • Campaigning is only allowed from 12:01am September 18 to 5:00pm on September 21.

  • No negative campaigning.

  • No slating (i.e. campaigning with or supporting candidates for other positions)

  • Posters must be put in approved locations only (postering in residence areas is prohibited, see UBC Postering Policy linked above)

  • $25 spending limit; receipts must be presented upon request (you do not have to spend any money!)

  • Violations of campaign rules will result in penalties at discretion of the Elections Administrator and the President; appeals of these decisions can be made in writing to the EUS Board of Governors