The ESC offers many pieces of equipment at a rental cost or free-of-charge to EUS Groups. A full list of the available equipment is below.

Please contact if you have any questions about using the above equipment for your event in the ESC.

Contact with technical inquires about the above equipment.



1 Propane powered BBQ:

  • Number of Main Burners: 6

  • Main Burners BTUs: 75,000

  • Primary Cooking Area: 733 sq in

  • Warming Rack Area: 233 sq in

  • Total Cooking Area: 966 sq in

1 Natural Gas BBQ

Can only be used near a natural gas hookup. The ESC has a natural gas hookup that is available for use in the courtyard by the stairs on the south side:

  • Number of main burners: 5

  • Number of side burners: 1

  • Main burners BTUs: 55,000

  • Side burner BTUs: 10,000

  • Rotisserie burner BTUs: 15,000

  • Primary cooking area: 625 sq in (4,032.25 sq cm)

  • Warming rack area: 250 sq in (1,612.9 sq cm)

  • Total cooking area: 875 sq in (5,645.15 sq cm)

Sound System

PK Sound System

Speeches and Mics

  • 2x Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone

  • 2x Microphone Stands (Tripod base)

  • Wooden Speech Podium

FOH Board

  • Soundcraft Ui16 + Tablet [Integrated to Stage]

  • Soundcraft Spirit 16-channel mixer

  • Behringer 16-band EQ


Event Lighting

  • Lighting stand and adjustable truss

  • Lightcraft 860 RM Dual-purpose relay and beat follower

  • 8x Chauvet Incandescent Par Can

  • 3x Chauvet Special Incandescent Par Can (special pattern, changing colours)

  • 1x RGB rotating laser with grid pattern


  • 10x 10 feet by 6 feet steel event fencing. Red colour only.