EUS Community Contribution Awards

The EUS Community Contribution Award is a scholarship awarded to UBC Engineering undergraduate students who have demonstrated leadership, innovation, personal initiative, and service to the UBC engineering student community. Each year, two Junior awards with a $500 value are awarded to students with second or third year standing. In addition, there are four Senior awards with a $1000 value for students with fourth year (and above) standing. In the event the endowment has accumulated additional funds, a fifth award of $500, for which junior and senior applicants are both considered, may become available.

The scholarship was created in 2008 by the Engineering Undergraduate Society to recognize undergraduate engineers who have exhibited outstanding leadership and initiative to help their fellow students. The EUS feels that it is important for the community to acknowledge and give back to those individuals who go above and beyond expectation to positively impact UBC engineering.

Applications are now closed.

If you have any questions about this award please email the VP Academic at

Previous Recipients

2018: Amelia Dai (Junior), Ilakkiyan Jeyakumar (Junior), Jakob Gattinger (Senior), Erica Mason (Senior), Ryan Rickaby (Extraordinary Award)

2017: Wilson Hsu (Junior), Cheyanne Nikolaisen (Junior), Kylie Kerik (Senior), Jack Park (Senior), Julianna Weldon (Extraordinary Award)

2016: Serena Chao (Junior), Winnie Zhuang (Junior), Mark Bancroft (Senior), Veronica Knott (Senior), Alan Ehrenholz (Extraordinary Award)

2015: Jack Park (Junior), Kate Burnham (Junior), Graham Beales (Senior), Owen Liu (Senior)

2014: Olina Chang (Junior), Serena Ramley (Junior), Alexander Harmsen (Senior), Dusan Milovanovic (Senior)

2013: Jeanie Malone (Junior), Shara Viaje (Junior), Jordan Balanko (Senior), Hans Seidemann (Senior)

2012: Nancy Peng (Junior), Maitrayee Dhaka (Junior), Connor Schellenberg-Beaver (Senior), Dominic Tong (Senior)

2011: Graham Beales (Junior), Adrian McNeill (Junior), Andrea Palmer (Junior), Edward Chu (Senior)

2010: Frank Liu (Junior), Sean Heisler (Junior), Alim Jiwa (Senior), Laz Milovanovic (Senior)

2009: Tagg Jefferson (Junior), Winnie Lai (Senior), Arien Winkelmeyer (Senior)