EUS Elections 2018

Want to take your involvement with the EUS to the next level? Do you have ideas for events to run or changes to make? Then EUS Elections is your chance! EUS Elections 2018 are held in March and we elect 7 EUS Executives, 1 APSC Student Senator, and 1 AMS Representative.

Questions? Concerns? E-mail Jakob Gattinger at


Latest news

Monday, March 26th:

Campaigning for byelections has started! Don't miss the voting window from Wednesday at 12:01am to Thursday at 4:00pm. The voting link can be found here!

key dates

Sunday, March 25th 4:00pm - By-election nominations close

Sunday, March 25th 5:00pm - By-election all-candidates meeting

Monday, March 26th 12:01am - By-election campaigning opens

Wednesday, March 28th 12:01am - By-election voting opens

Thursday, March 29th 4:00pm - By-election voting/campaigning closes 


Meet the Candidates!


VP Academic:

Tyra Phillips

Hello everyone!

My name is Tyra Phillips, and I’m a third year CHBE student running to be your EUS VP Academic. This year I’ve been on the EUS Board of Governors as CHBE Council President, and I’ve been volunteering with the EUS as Events Manager and External Bookings Manager. I look forward to connecting with you in the upcoming campaign period about my passion for the EUS!

My platform includes: reworking the current health & wellness services, advocating for student space, and continuing to work on the governance review. Another goal that I have include increasing communication with the APSC Senate Representative. I plan to build on a lot of the work done this year by both the centennium ad-hoc committee and the health & wellness ad-hoc committee. In being familiar with the work already done, it’ll help jumpstart the transition and be able to start working effectively sooner. You can learn more about my platform at (

Voting opens on March 28th and closes on March 29th at 4:00pm. For more information please visit the EUS Elections website (

I am always open to chat about my goals for next year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



Ella Sit

Hello! My name is Ella Sit and I am currently a first-year engineering student.

It has been such an amazing and I am currently a first-year engineering student.

This year has been filled with lots of fun and I’m sure we all worked hard and played hard and this year I decided to be more involved.

I am an optimistic (always hyped) person who would like to help everyone who is part of the EUS to get through their stressful year.

I will reflect upon their academic challenges and bring awareness to numerous departments and hold various health care events, so we can all have fun being engineering students.

So now, have your ballots ready and let’s SIT down and vote for Ella SIT.


Jackson Dagger

I'm in my first year of Engineering at UBC and I'm running to be the EUS's VP Academic to create a healthier environment for all of us. While UBC Engineering comes with a wonderful community, amazing spirit and an amazing education, it also comes with a huge workload. That workload can be burdened by courses and professors that are unclear, late or inconsistent. As VP Academic, I will advocate for UBC Engineering students when grievances are brought up against professors or courses. Furthermore, I will work with the EUS's ad hoc Health and Wellness Committee to create a comprehensive plan to address students suffering from academic burnout.

I believe that I am more than ready to take on the academic portfolio of the EUS. My strong work ethic is reflected in the Olympic distance triathlon and the marathon I've completed. My leadership is reflected in my successful time as an alpine ski coach and a mentor to new coaches. My passion in dedication is reflected in the over $8000 I've raised for the Canadian Cancer Society over the past four years.

I am a strong well-rounded candidate and a dedicated worker. By voting for Jackson Dagger, you're voting for someone who will improve the EUS's academic portfolio and make changes that positively affect all of us.

More on me and my platform can be found at




Matthew Mong

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Bryan Starick

My name is Bryan Starick and I am excited to continue giving back to the UBC Engineering Community as your 2018-2019 EUS AMS Representative.

I have been an active member of the AMS for the past two years; I acted as a member-at-large and proxy on AMS Council in 2016-2017, and am the current vice-chair of the AMS Operations Committee. Further, I was your EUS VP Admin in 2016-2017, and am one of the incoming Georox Presidents for the 2018-2019 year.

Why is this important? I have experience serving the student body at all levels of governance, and can use this to make sure that the AMS remains accountable at all levels. I also bring with me institutional knowledge, which is essential to ensure the AMS does not continue to make the same short-sighted mistakes repeatedly.

Being an AMS Representative requires a strong voice and a detailed understanding of AMS Code, Bylaws, and Policy; having personally written some of these legislative documents I have that understanding.

As your AMS Representative, I plan on keeping the AMS Executive accountable, ensuring that your voice is heard, and working with the AMS to improve all students' UBC experience. I plan on continuing with the operations committee, offering 2 years of knowledge, as well as joining the finance committee to ensure your student fees are being used responsibly.


Yosuke Suzurida

I’m Yosuke Suzurida, running to become your next AMS representative.

As an AMS rep, I will work to represent the voice of our undergraduate body and will drive to create a positive learning environment for our faculty by increasing spending on mental health initiatives within engineering. Additionally, I will aim to increase transparency by sharing what the AMS and myself are working on with engineering students, by taking advantage of the preexisting EUS newsletter and facebook page.

My goal within the AMS is to hold the executive members accountable for eliminating any losses within its core businesses, and therefore being able to allocate those funds to better serve students. Of course, as part of my job, I will advise and assist AMS executives with their responsibilities.

AMS Committee: If elected, I would like to join the Budget Committee, as it would align directly with my goal of managing the funding that directly benefits students and would allow me to gain a better oversight regarding the financing of the AMS. This includes proposing the
increase in the budget for mental health initiatives and ensuring it is accessible to all students that require assistance. This is a very important to me, as this is a change that will make a tangible difference for the engineering community.

Make sure to vote using, starting March 28th. Every vote counts, so make your voice heard!