EUS Elections 2018

Want to take your involvement with the EUS to the next level? Do you have ideas for events to run or changes to make? Then EUS Elections is your chance! EUS Elections 2018 are held in March and we elect 7 EUS Executives, 1 APSC Student Senator, and 1 AMS Representative.

Questions? Concerns? E-mail Jakob Gattinger at


Latest news

Sunday, March 18th:

Voting opens 12:01am, Monday March 19th! Click here to submit your ballot!

There will be in-person opportunities to cast your ballot at the ESC Eatery during regular hours from 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday. In addition, during voting week, show proof that you've submitted your ballot and receive a free coffee! Bring your own mug!

There are vacancies for the positions of VP Academic and AMS Rep. Nominations for the byelection are now open! Follow the instructions in the forms below, and submit them by Sunday, March 25th at 4:00pm!

key dates

Sunday, March 18th 4:00pm - Byelection nominations open

Monday, March 19th 12:01am - Voting opens

Friday, March 23rd 4:00pm - Voting and campaigning close

Friday, March 23rd 5:00pm - Results announced!

Sunday, March 25th 4:00pm - Byelection nominations close

Sunday, March 25th 5:00pm - Byelection all-candidates meeting

Monday, March 26th 12:01am - Byeleciton campaigning opens

Wednesday, March 28th 12:01am - Byeleciton voting opens

Thursday, March 29th 4:00pm - Byelection voting/campaigning closes 



Meet the Candidates!


Kate Burnham

My name is Kate Burnham and I’m running to be your 2018-2019 EUS President.

As president, I would bring five years of experience with the EUS to the table. You may remember me as last year’s VP Communications (sorry about all those facebook notifications). I’m returning to UBC this fall after a year of co-op and finishing my final year in geological engineering. My platform is guided by the following three principles:

It is important that the EUS listens to the voices of the 4600+ engineering students. Keeping the student body at the core of every decision the EUS makes by engaging with other engineering groups such as Department Clubs or Student Teams for ideas and feedback is essential.

The experience I had as VP Communications has prepared me to lead the EUS Executive. My familiarity with each of the VP positions and the demands of working on the Executive team has prepared me to be able to support the team and hold the VPs accountable to their duties.

The EUS works for all students, representing the interests of UBC Engineers to the AMS, APSC, and UBC. Different students have different interests that the EUS must serve, from offering professional development to hosting traditional events. The EUS should strive to consider every single student’s needs in order to foster an inclusive environment.

To hear more about how I plan to achieve my goals, please see or contact me!

Thanky To

I am Thanky To, a third-year Computer Engineering student.


I have been actively involved in the EUS, ECESS and UBC Rapid for the past 2-3 years. From my experience,  I come to believe that the EUS should not ask why students are not involved with the EUS but how can the EUS be more involved with the students. While social events like parties and E-week are popular, a large number of students do not find these activities engaging. Unfortunately, the EUS is failing to cater to these students who may prefer more academic or professional help.

Particularly, students in different departments may have different interests. A solution would be to allow department clubs more autonomy and funding in servicing their students. For example, social events in ECE have a relatively low turnout while review sessions and support events often exceed capacity. The ECESS is struggling to cater to its students effectively as it is receiving the least funding per capita from the EUS. Therefore, I'm proposing a reform to restructure department club funding and the EUS board of governor to represent the student body more fairly.


If you have any questions about my platform or my goals for the EUS, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tyra Phillips

My name is Tyra Phillips, and I’m a third year CHBE student running to be your EUS President. This year I’ve been on the EUS Board of Governors as CHBE Council President, and I’ve been volunteering with the EUS as Events Manager and External Bookings Manager. I look forward to connecting with you in the upcoming campaign period about my passion for the EUS!

My platform includes three key points: engaging, advocating and encouraging. My goals for the year are: to engage more students in EUS events/services, to advocate on behalf of students about issues that matter, and to encourage mental well-being not only in the executive team but in everyone. You can learn more about my platform at (

Election voting is open from March 19th-23rd, 2018. For more information please visit the EUS Elections website (

I am always open to chat about my goals for next year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



VP Admin:

Rai McKenzie

Hello! My name is Rai and I’m running to be your VP Administration! Through my experience with the Engineering Undergraduate Society so far, I’ve really enjoyed the feeling of community the Engineers have between each other on campus. This past year I have sat on the EUS Council as a Board of Governor member, as well as been the acting First Year President. These experiences have quickly shown me a lot about the good and bad sides of the society from the inside and as a student.

In this role, I’m looking to continue keeping the society running at top notch to best serve its students and clubs. The EUS’s goal is to support the needs of engineering students, and I want to be a part of the team to make that happen. For next year, I really want to work towards improving the EUS’s efficiency and accountability. Specifically, one thing is to keep the Engineering Student Center accessible to engineering students, by improving the booking process for clubs and groups. Internally, I want to work on improving the efficiency of the society’s operational tasks.

In addition, I want to work to make the society as a whole more accountable to its students and department clubs. Ensuring a good line of communication between the executive and students is a great start. However, I hope to go beyond that to keep students informed on what the team and society is working on. I look forward to being your next VP Administration!


VP Communications:

Julianna Weldon

She’s good with graphics.
She’s dedicated to the EUS.
She’s organized and will get stuff done.

Her past positions include social coordinator for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society (SFS), publicity representative for SFS, AOE, Gears and Queers, and the EUS, and a variety of smaller representative positions in the EUS including eweek rep, weekeknot rep, red sales rep, and is currently the EUS graduation director. Essentially, over the past three years she’s been making posters and facebook posts and other graphic-related things for different groups.

She can  has been a dedicated member of the Engineering Undergraduate Society for the past three years. During this time, she’s been ever present in the ESC, and has done her best to meet as many first year students as possible. Her goals in the EUS are to support the community and make it better for future generations.

Organization and Getting Stuff Done-edness:

She’s super excited about spreadsheets, and lives her life via Google Calendar. Emailing, making timelines, messaging people about deadlines, are all her forte. Communication is key to any position (VP Communications especially) and she’s pretty solid on that front. She’s reliable, and will get the job done.

VP Finance:

Katherine Westerlund

-No bio submitted-

VP Spirit:

Corwin Shanner

Hi! My name is Corwin Shanner, and I’m running to be your next VP Spirit. I’m currently in 4th year CPEN, and since I’ve been at UBC I’ve held several positions in the EUS under multiple portfolios, including Week E^0 Director, Volunteer Director for two years, Red Sales Director, and Webmaster. As a long-time attendee and a part-time coordinator of the EUS’ traditional events, I’m happy with their current state but I think there are many areas of improvement to make them the best that they can be!

If elected, I would like to improve:

  • Student engagement from all departments – I think it’s extremely important to make an impression on first year students, and I want to put extra effort into promoting Week E^0 at the start of the year. I’d also like to have conversations with the departments to find out how best help them engage their student base.

  • Volunteer training for events and positions – one of the areas that could use improvement, I want to make sure our volunteers feel confident and prepared for their positions. This can be improved upon through well-organized training sessions and making sure that transitions are thorough.

  • Streamlining of multi-day events like E-Week and Week E^0 – Having organized parts of both events, I think that there are areas of efficiency that can be improved on, and I’d like to integrate as much of our student feedback as possible into the weeks.

VP Student Life:

Emma Dodyk

Hello engineers! My name is Emma Dodyk, and I’m running to be your next VP Student Life.  The VP Student Life is responsible for organizing social, charity, and sports events in the EUS, including parties in the ESC, blood drives, and sports tournaments.  Essentially, this is the portfolio that gives you fun, rewarding things to do outside of school.

You may have seen me running Movember events and blood drives as charity director, welcoming new engineers as Week E0 co-director, or making sure you’re well hydrated at EUS parties as a bar rep.  I have a strong background in volunteering for the EUS in all capacities, and believe that this makes me the right candidate for VP Student Life next year.

As your next VP Student Life, I plan to continue the efforts made this year in running the VP Student Life portfolio in an effective manner. UBC Engineers are heavily involved in UBC REC intramurals and our own sporting events, so I want to support our teams in the future by examining an increase in sports subsidies next year. My experience as a bar representative has given me a few ideas for improving operations for our licensed events, including continuing efforts to help department clubs run better events and avoid common pitfalls encountered this year. Additionally, I plan to increase visibility of our charitable efforts, and continue to run successful Movember and Pi Week fundraisers.  Vote ‘YES’ for Emma Dodyk for VP Student Life from March 19-23 at!