Welcome to Your EUS

The mission of the EUS is to support the academic, professional, and social needs of engineering students, encourage excellence in all aspects of student life, and celebrate the accomplishments of its members.

As an engineering student at UBC, you are a part of the best student society on campus – the Engineering Undergraduate Society. As we are such a large society, we are overseen by a Board of Governors consisting of the seven EUS Executive and Presidents of each engineering discipline. The EUS has a variety of volunteer roles – from Representative to Manager to Director positions.

The EUS represents students to the Faculty of Applied Science, UBC Central and industry to make sure that you have the best academic, social and professional experience possible in your time at UBC. We are one of the oldest student societies on campus – the EUS has existed since 1919, although it has gone through some changes in name since then. It was created as a social and academic support network, as well as to provide a public face for the UBC Engineers.