Meet Your Executives

At it’s core, the EUS is run by seven executives, each of whom have portfolios of volunteers. These executives also sit on council, have lots of meetings, and send many, many emails. We’re your EUS exec, and we’re here to make being a UBC Engineer awesome!

Jeanie Malone


Jeanie is in the charge of all things EUS. Her main job is to support the EUS Executive in all of their endeavours.

Have a general question about the EUS or how to get involved? Contact Jeanie!


Jakob Gattinger

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Struggling with exams or midterms? Look out for our tutoring sessions. Concerned about how a course is being run? Check out a Beef and Pizza event, or send Jakob an email. Want to show off that brain? Get ready for some trivia competitions!


Bryan Starick


Bryan is in charge of both the internal and professional sides of the EUS. He handles the policy and procedure, archives, and the Engineering Student Centre.

Need to book a room? Interested in policy? or want to help grow the professional side of the EUS? Talk to Bryan!


Kate Burnham

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Kate is the creative mind behind all communications of the EUS. This means everything from Facebook posts to the Handbuk to the Slipsticks to every poster you see!

Want to get involved in creating posters? or helping the EUS with their communications strategy? Write Kate an email.


Robyn Starkoski

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Robyn is in charge of all financial aspects of the EUS. This is everything from reimbursements, to our budget, the Eatery, and Red Sales.

Want to learn about EUS Finances? Or get involved with the swag the EUS sells? Email Robyn!


Kylie KerikKylie_headshot

Kylie is in charge of all the Traditional Events the EUS has to offer. From Week E^0 to E-Week, Alumni Beer garden, and more: the VP Spirit does everything worth being super excited about.

Want to share your excitement to be a UBC Engineer? Enjoy putting on the same fun events that UBC Engineers from ages past can remember from their days in school? Contact Kylie.


Daniel Luo


Daniel is in charge of the social, charity, and sports events of the EUS. He loves sports of any type, and can be seen hitting the gym often.

Want to help out with the events the EUS runs? Enjoy sports or raising money for a good cause? Contact Daniel.