Iron Pin Ceremony

What is the Iron Pin Ceremony?

Iron Pin Ceremony 1In January of 2014, the UBC EUS began an initiative to promote inclusivity and professionalism. One of the concerns we recognized was the lack of early education on Engineering Ethics. With the support of the Faculty of Applied Science and (then called) APEGBC, the Iron Pin Ceremony was born. The Iron Pin ceremony is a symbol of the UBC Engineering community, and marks the first step on the road to becoming a professional engineer. The cornerstone of the Iron Pin ceremony is the UBC Engineering Code of Ethics. This code was adapted from the EGBC Code of Ethics, to be relevant and relatable to students and their time as a UBC Engineer. For the EUS, each line of the Code relates back to our executive and volunteer structure and their roIron Pin Ceremony 2les as leaders in this society. The Iron Pin is worn as a reminder that the wearer has promised to uphold the Code.

This ceremony is an annual tradition, to welcome all incoming students into the UBC Engineering community with a pin marked by their entrance year. In 2014, we also distributed “founders” and “supporters” Iron Pins to upper years, staff, faculty, graduate students, and alumni to recognize all members of the UBC Engineering community – we will be hosting our next “supporter” ceremony during spring 2018.

We would like to formally invite all incoming UBC Engineering students to the UBC Engineering Iron Pin Ceremony. We look forward to seeing you in the Chan Centre this November.

– The UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society Executive

UBC Engineering Code of Ethics

UBC Engineering students, staff and faculty shall act at all times with courtesy, honesty, and respect to each other and society.

In keeping with their duty to the community, the engineering profession, and the public, they commit to creating a welcoming, respectful and ethical environment that values all members.

Accordingly, community members shall:

1. Uphold the academic integrity of the university and of the UBC Engineering degree, submitting work only when it is founded upon honest efforts and personal achievement.

2. Commit themselves to advance their body of knowledge, engage in professional development, and acknowledge the importance of lifelong learning.

3. Conduct themselves with respect and integrity when interacting with all members of our community and society at large, give credit where it is due and accept, as well as give, honest and fair professional comment.

4. Report any hazardous, illegal, or unethical decisions or practices by any member of our community.

5. Extend public knowledge and appreciation of engineering and protect the profession from misrepresentation and misunderstanding.

This code was adapted, with permission, from the APEGBC Code of Ethics, and agreed upon by the Engineering Undergraduate Society Council.


Incoming Students

Welcome incoming class of 2017! We are sure it has been an exciting first few weeks in UBC Engineering, full of classes, homework assignments and hopefully lots of fun. As we work through midterm season and approach final exams, we would like to invite you to take part in a very special ceremony.

Date: November 30th

Time: 11am – 12:20pm

Location: The Chan Centre.

Dress Code: Business Casual

No RSVP is required.

Join us in the evening from 5-8pm for the Iron Pin Reception at the Engineering Student Centre. There will be light refreshments and networking with APEGBC Councillors, Faculty and other students. All you need to enter is your Iron Pin.



We are pleased to recognize our Alumni’s contributions to the UBC Engineering community! We typically run an Alumni Iron Pin ceremony before Old Red New Red for Alumni who would like to adopt the new UBC Engineering Code of Ethics and receive a pin.

Date: 2018 (TBD)

Time: TBD

Location: ESC

Dress Code: Business Casual

This ceremony is open to students, staff, faculty and alumni as Founders, Supporters and year pins will be distributed.

Please send all questions or concerns to