Patches & Pins


UBC Engineers in their Reds

red /rεd/


  1. on the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 610 and 780 nm
  2. a red thing or person, in particular
  3. a UBC Engineering jacket or cardigan

Long ago, all faculties wore their colors to show pride in what they do. Red (Engineering), Blue (Science), Purple (Arts)… Today, Red still lives on and its original design remained almost unchanged. Science has also been trying to bring back Blue jackets… but they are not as cool as ours.

Decorating your Red with patches or pins is a great chance to show people who you are! Love Star Trek? Sew on a Starfleet Insignia. Want to represent what you are studying? Departments often sell patches. Love charity? Volunteer for EUS charity events and earn a patch! Want your name (or nickname) on your Red? Red Sales sells personalized name bars. Don’t be caught wearing a “naked Red” without patches… that’s an offence!

While we’d love to see patches from the EUS on your red, you can decorate your red however you want. Band patches, buttons, country flag patches, a patch from some other jacket you used wear, anything is acceptable – they don’t have to be engineering-related. Band patches and flag patches are the most common non-EUS patches. In addition, there are absolutely no rules about where patches go on your red!

We sell these Reds for cheap at the start of the year – $110 for the first 100 Reds sold, available while supplies last. They’re sold through Red Sales in the ESC, where you can also buy many other sorts of engineering goods. You can find more information about Red Sales and their hours on their Facebook page or by emailing

For Sale from Red Sales:

These patches can be purchased from Red Sales. They are great way to decorate your Red!

Knight Patch

There are many trains of thought over who the knight might represent.  Some believe that it is Godiva in armour — covered up during the times when the University threatened UBC Engineering with student fee-freezes if Godiva was ever printed; some believe that it is Godiva’s husband… but why would we make a patch about a tyrant?; and finally some believe that the knight represents the Engineer—following in Godiva’s footsteps, ever sacrificing.


This patch depicts our patron saint during her time of sacrifice for her people. Read the story here.

cairn-150x150This patch is simply of our symbolic concrete Cairn standing proudly on Main Mall.

cheers to the cheeze

These limited edition patches are to commemorate the passing of our beloved Cheeze.


Students use these in any way they like.  Typically, they represent the student’s year of entrance to UBC, year of expected graduation, or even just their favorite number.


These custom name bars must be ordered in.  Students print nicknames, first names, or last names. Red Sales also sells unclaimed name bars for cheaper, while supplies last.

EUS Controlled Patches

The following patches must be earned and cannot be purchased.


This patch is worn by the current President of the EUS. With the repeated refusals of EUS Presidents to return the patch since 2008, several students have duplicates of the Chief patch. Still, always remember that there can be only one chief! In the EUS, that’s the current president.


This pin is worn by those who have successfully completed a full year of Executive duties.  Half-Year Executives may also wear the pin, upon discretion of their President.


This patch is worn by current and previous members of the EUS Executive.  Sometimes “e2” and “e3” is worn by an executive who has held 2 or 3 positions during their time at UBC, respectively.  Each patch represents a different Executive position held.


This patch is worn by current and previous EUS Coordinators or Managers Each patch represents a different CM position held. (one per position per year)


This patch is worn by current and previous EUS Representatives (previously known as Ex-Officios). Each patch represents a different Representative (or Ex-Officio) position held. (one per position per year)


This patch is worn by current and previous members of the PP (First Year Engineering) Council.

beer-150x150This patch is worn by current and previous Food & BEvERage Managers and Head Bartenders.


This patch is worn by current and previous Red Sales Managers and Red Sales Assistants. Must have held either of the positions for at least one term.

Music PatchesTrumpets are awarded to students who have participated in at least 2 music-based events.  Notes are awarded for each event participated in thereafter.  Events that count towards these patches include X-Mas Caroling and other Godiva Band-led marches.


Charity-related patches are awarded to students based on the number of hours they have donated to charitable events and causes. The large star is awarded at 30 points, and small stars are awarded for each additional 15 points gained. At 123 total points the charity 123 patch is also awarded. More details on how points are calculated is available on the Charity Points Form!


Sports-related patches are awarded to students based on their involvement in extra-curricular sports. Fill out the sports points form to receive one!


“Larceny & Mayhem” patches are awarded for the successful execution of a major Engineering STUdeNt projecT. The patch bears startling resemblance to a bridge, but we don’t know why that is. Definitely now.


This patch is awarded to students who have participated in an EUS “Chariot Race”.  The student must have pulled for the right team, of course. Extensions in the form of “lamdas” are available for multiple wins.


Purple Es are “awarded” for severe injury during participation in an Engineering STUdeNt projecT. This is the only patch you really wouldn’t ever want!


La crème de la crème, this coveted award is given only under exceptional circumstances, when the STUdeNt projecT enhances our already prestigious reputation on a global scale. The Black E is treated with reverence, and spoken of in hushed tones. Come to Old Red New Red to meet wearers of this patch – you might not ever encounter one otherwise. The patch was originally an E-shaped pin with a black face, similar to the Gold E without a background.

Other Commonly Seen Patches & Pins

Departmental Patches
These patches each represent the different Engineering departments.  These are sold through the departmental club offices and prices vary. Clubs with active patches as of 2011 include: ECE, Civil, IGEN, Mech, Fizz, Georox. Vintage patches are known to exist for: Electrical (“Electricals circle”, used prior to inclusion of Comp. Eng.), Mining (“Mine Cart” discontinued in 2010), Bio-resource (logo used until the option was discontinued from CHBE), Fizz (“Atom” – switched patches in 2010), Georox (“Moose” – switched patches in 2009)

Departmental Pins

Many departments also carry pins in the same manner as patches. They are generally small and feature the club logo. Currently sold pins include: ECE, Mining, MTRL. The former pins are too numerous to list – almost every department, and many grad classes have carried pins at some point in time.

Sigma Phi Delta Crest
These patches are worn by members of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity.  They are not available to non-members.

Alpha Omega Epsilon Crest
These patches are worn by members of the Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority.  They are not available to non-members.

EWB Patch
These patches feature the current EWB logo. They are available for purchase through Red Sales, but are not restricted to members.