Stunts, or rather “Unofficial STUdeNT ProjectS”, have brought worldwide fame to the UBC Engineers… not that we admit to them.

Stunts ALWAYS emphasize originality and ingenuity over vandalism, in other words: painting stuff or doing something that somebody else has done is just pointless. Even Artsies can make a mess. Remember, good stunts don’t hurt anybody or damage anything and size is not important! Most of all: don’t get caught.


The Clock Tower at UBC recently had a sudden renovation at the end of E-Week 2014


As seen along 16th Avenue back in the day

Famous Stunts

The following projects have been believed to be done by UBC Engineers, but really who has proof? 
  • Volkswagen Bugs…
    • on top of the Gage Towers
    • under the Alex Fraser Bridge
    • between Burrard and Granville St Bridge
    • under the Golden Gate Bridge!
    • on the UBC Clocktower – twice!
    • In the Dean’s office
    • On top of the Wooden Roller Coaster at the PNE
  • Flashing “UBC Engineers do it again” in Morse code with lights on the Lions Gate Bridge
  • Programming the UBC clock tower bells to play Engineer’s hymn
  • Programming speakers around campus to play sounds from World War One in the wee hours of the morning.
  • “Redecorating” the Dean’s Office in 2015
  • “Borrowing” …
    • the Speaker’s Chair from the BC Legislature
    • the Rose Bowl Trophy from the University of Washington
    • the door to the Dean of Arts at UBC … in broad daylight.
  • Changing the iconic letters atop the Ridge Theatre to read “The Ridg_”. The E was silent, anyway.
  • “E-Week is Coming” Signs hanging off the sides of buildings … strangely high up the side of the building.