Blood Drive

Apr 4th & 5th  – Donate at the Oak St Clinic – All day

It’s time for another blood drive!  You will earn points for your department towards the Blood Trophy, and can earn Charity points towards a patch and a Pint 4 Pint coupon. Don’t forget to sign up through the form below so we can ensure you get your points.

We are adopting the Oak St. Clinic on April 4th & 5th. Don’t forget to fill in the form below AND register with Canadian Blood Services!

Why Donate?

On average it takes around 50 pints of blood to save one car accident victim.  That is a lot, considering you can only regenerate a pint of blood every 56 days! This means giving blood is one of the best things you can do for the people around you.

How to Participate

  1. Have blood
  2. Sign up using the form below
  3. Sign in with the binder at the clinic
  4. Donate blood!
  5. Eat cookies, drink juice, get stickers 🙂
  6. Earn charity points and a Pint for Pint coupon
  7. Win blood trophy
  8. Be happy!

Planning on Going?

We are booking appointments & arranging cabs for donors – if you plan on donating, fill in the form!

Help Your Department Win the Blood Trophy

The EUS will be participating in several Blood Drives this year: get ready to give some blood, earn some charity points, and help your Department Club earn the Blood Trophy.

It’s simple: every pint of blood donated is worth one point,  and the team with most points wins, and gets the trophy. Easy peasy.

Don’t forget to sign in at the clinic with the binder at the front desk, AND fill out the form below, or we won’t be able to track your contribution! And don’t worry if you can’t make it out this time – we will be running more!

Charity Points

You can also earn Charity Points for donating blood!

Am I Eligible?

Please see the restrictions here for details about whether you are eligible to give blood or not.

If you are not, don’t fret – there are many ways to donate blood even if you can’t “give” it.  You can donate to blood research! The location on campus for this is here.

Become a Partner for Life!

Do you want to continue to contribute to our team forever? Sign up as a Partner for Life with the UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society using our Partner ID: UBCE322476!