Are you ready to grow out that facial hair (or cover your face in fake moustaches)? We promise it is an excellent way to express your anger/sadness at the abundance of midterms, while simultaneously raising money for charity!

The goal of Movember is to support prostate cancer research and to raise awareness of men’s health issues, specifically, mental health. We want to see all UBC Engineers cultivating their facial hair (or lack thereof) through the form of stylized moustaches for the entire month of November. Last year, our team raised nearly $2,000, but we know we can do better.


Sign up for team mEUStacular. It’s pretty great. Here’s how: 

  1. Go to the Movember Canada Website here:
  2. Click on REGISTER
  3. Fill in the Sign-up form as a Team Member (“Join a team”) and enter your information
  4. Type in “UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society” as your team name
  5. Click JOIN to join the team


We can’t have you starting off the month with facial hair! Or, any hair. We are hosting a grand Shave-Off ceremony in the Kaiser Atrium on November 2nd at 11-12 pm. We can even shave an E in the side of your head if you feel inspired!


At the end of the month, we will be hosting the Movember Auction (Nov 27, 4-6pm, ESC). All the proceeds that are made at this event will be donated directly to the Movember Campaign.


Join us in the ESC to celebrate the MOst spectacular month of all: 7pm – 1am.


Participating in Movember can earn you patches! If you fundraise $100 you will get your very own Movember patch for your Red/cardigan! Every consecutive $100 after that will earn you a Moustache Patch.

Donate to Team mEUStacular!

Who’s Participating?

  • Alan Ehrenholz


    Department: Civil

    Year: 3

    Favourite Dinosaur: Velociraptor. Jurassic Park, people!

    Reason for Campaigning: 1 in 7 men will develop prostate cancer over their lifetime, and 1 in 36 will die from it.

    Donate to Alan!

  • Jarek Tan


    Department: ECE

    Year: 3

    Favourite Dinosaur: Ankylosaurus (with weaponized tails of course)

    Reason for Campaigning: Nothing is better than putting a smile on another person’s face by simply putting a moustache on my face. 

    Depending on how much I raise, I will try a variety of new hairstyles:
    $250: shave a very pointy Mohawk
    $350: shave it all off
    $500 MAKE A POINT (I will shave everything except for a horn)

    Donate to Jarek!

  • John Harvey


    Department: Fizz

    Year: 5

    Favourite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus, because of this.

    Reason for Campaigning: I am Movembering because prostate cancer sucks, and my unique approach* captures additional funds by providing an outlet for people who don’t like moustaches.

    (*If you donate money to me, indicate in a comment whether you’re Team Moustache or Team Clean Shaven. If Team Moustache outdonates Team Clean Shaven, then I’ll grow whatever kind of facial hair the largest donor specifies. )

    Donate to John!

  • Pranav Mennon

    Department: Igen

    Year: 2

    Favourite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus, because of this!

    Reason for Campaigning: Why Movember? Because Prostate Cancer sucks and I’d like to help change that!

  • Garnet Butcher

    Department: First Year

    Year: 1

    Favourite Dinosaur: The Dracorex Hogwartsia – it’s named after Draco Malfoy

    Reason for Campaigning: I’m doing Movember to change the world, one ‘stache at a time.

    Donate to Garnet!

  • Daniel Luo


    Department: Geo

    Year: 2

    Favourite Dinosaur: Liopleurodon. It has shown us the way.

    Reason for Campaigning: The husband of one of my closest and most influential middle school teachers was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. This is a truly devastating time for the young family, including their twins who are just over 1 year old.

    If I raise $50 by November 2, I will shave moustaches in the side of my head! Additionally, I will be matching 50% of what I raise to directly support my teacher and her family.

    Donate to Daniel!

  • Captain Cairn

    Department: Every. Single. One.

    Year: All the years.

    Favourite Dinosaur: TREX

    Reason for Campaigning:  To change the face of Men’s Health!

    Check out the rest of team mEUStacular here!