OktoberfEUSt: we’re bringing it back on Oct 2nd!

In ages past, the EUS used to run a grand fair, an OktoberfEUSt, every fall. Unfortunately, times moved on, B-Lot became much smaller, and OktoberfEUSt faded into legend.

But worry not! For your EUS Exec are bringing it back, slowly but surely. In 2014, we ran a small OktoberfEUSt at Koerner’s Pub on October 24th – lots of people, and half price BZZR for all! Overall, a disappointing lack of lederhosen, but there’s always this year. This will be one of your last chances to party before midterms start!

THE ESC pub will be selling $2 bzzrs and $3 shots/ciders. FREE ENTRY.

(We really want people to come in lederhosen).

(Seriously. Do it).



4pm-6pm: BBQ Outside of the ESC (open to all ages)

6pm-1am: Main event inside the ESC with music and drinks! (Must present 19+ ID)

There may even be buttons for your Red!

We even have buttons for your Red!