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Welcome to E-Week 2018


The Wait is Over...

The best week of the year is finally here! The EUS is proud to present our annual E-WEEK! Team up with the fellow engineers in your department and compete in an action-packed week of events for a chance to win the coveted E-Week trophy (and unlimited bragging rights of course). First year? Not in a department? Don't worry you're all on one huge team! We look forward to seeing everyone at ALL the events!!


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Participation Points

Make sure you fill out the barcode form to get registered and help your team score attendance points.

Old Red / New Red

To be a part of this year's Old Red / New Red, please RSVP here.


Interested in earning your department even more points? Sign up to volunteer at events.


The 99th Annual Engineering Ball

The classiest event of the year: the 99th annual Engineer’s Ball. Pull out your swankiest outfit, and get ready to celebrate the end of E-Week 2018 in style.

This is also the grand finale of E-Week: winners will be announced, the E-Week Trophy will be awarded, winning filmfEUSt entries viewed, and Emblem Awards announced. It’s not a night to miss!