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In ages past, the EUS used to run a grand fair, an OktoberfEUSt, every fall. Unfortunately, times moved on, B-Lot became much smaller, and OktoberfEUSt faded into legend.

But worry not! For your EUS Exec are bringing it back, slowly but surely. In 2014, we ran a small OktoberfEUSt at Koerner’s Pub – lots of people, and half price BZZR for all! Overall, a disappointing lack of lederhosen, but there’s always this year. This will be one of your last chances to party before midterms start!

The ESC bar will be selling $2 bzzrs and $3 shots/ciders. FREE ENTRY.

(We really want people to come in lederhosen).

(Seriously. Do it).




Nothing says UBC Engineers than spreading a little holiday Cheer – we’re kind of famous for it. Come out to the ESC at 8am on the last day of classes – don’t forget to bring a travel mug. There will be Christmas Cheer, eggnog, and food.

Want to know more? Check out this clip of Carolling 2013!



Lunch Around the World



Come out and celebrate the vibrant multicultural heritage of UBC Engineers! Sample culinary delicacies from various corners of the globe cooked by various engineering student teams as they compete for the Gala trophy. Chat with people eager to share a little about their cultural roots and their present-day communities in Canada, and have some delicious food.

And a reminder to teams competing: Its not just how delicious your food is, but also how well you present it, keep that in mind and good luck!


    We will be selling food tickets at the event: one ticket = one serving of a team’s dish!

    • $2 for 1 food ticket
    • $5 for 3 food tickets


      • Teams must register before the registration deadline.
      • There can be a maximum of one team per department or ex-officio club.
      • Teams will be reimbursed for the food that they buy, up to $50. However, we can only reimburse original copies of receipts! Receipts must be submitted to the VP Finance, by November 30th at the latest.
      • Each team must provide minimum 50 servings in total of their dishes.
      • A maximum of three types of dish (appetizer/main/dessert) may be served. We recommend you try to make the portion sizes similar for each.
      • Judging will be done by a panel of Faculty member, and will be based on presentation, taste/texture/flavour, accurate representation of the chosen cuisine, judge’s discretion, and hygiene. You must save at least 5 servings of each dish for the judges.
      • All teams must follow proper food safety guidelines when preparing their dishes!
      • Departments are required to bring their own serving utensils. Plates and cutlery for individual attendees will be provided by the EUS.
      • Some power bars/extension cords will be provided by the EUS, however we cannot guarantee we will have enough for all departments. We request each department bring their own if possible.


      Genius Bowl

      We know you’ve got brains – you’re in engineering – but do you know trivia? Think you’re better than Watson? Come out to the annual UBC Engineering Genius Bowl Competition to show off that knowledge in a team based pub-style trivia competition.

      Winners will receive a shiny trophy and a golden “A” patches for their Reds, as well as the glory of victory.