Long ago, all faculties wore their colors to show pride in what they do. Red (Engineering), Blue (Science), Purple (Arts)… Today, Red still lives on and its original design remained almost unchanged. Science has also been trying to bring back Blue jackets… but they are not as cool as ours.

Decorating your Red with patches or pins is a great chance to show people who you are! Love Star Trek? Sew on a Starfleet Insignia. Want to represent what you are studying? Departments often sell patches. Love charity? Volunteer for EUS charity events and earn a patch! Want your name (or nickname) on your Red? Red Sales sells personalized name bars. Don’t be caught wearing a “naked Red” without patches… that’s an offence!

While we’d love to see patches from the EUS on your red, you can decorate your red however you want. Band patches, buttons, country flag patches, a patch from some other jacket you used wear, anything is acceptable – they don’t have to be engineering-related. Band patches and flag patches are the most common non-EUS patches. In addition, there are absolutely no rules about where patches go on your red!

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