Academic Services

The EUS is committed to the academic success of all of our members. The VP Academic organizes a range of services for all levels of engineering students, to give them the tools they need to plan their academic career and to help them achieve their academic goals.

For those students who need a bit of extra help preparing for their exams, the EUS offers exam prep sessions prior to midterms and finals for certain first year classes. As well, the EUS coordinates private tutoring services for a broad range of classes from more experienced EUS members, and works with both external organizations and department clubs to help members get individual tutoring for virtually any class they need.

The VP Academic also works with the faculty on Academic advocacy. Events are put on every year to get feedback from students on what works and doesn’t work with their courses or departments, and then lobbies the faculty to see that those issues are addressed in the future. Over the past several years, major changes have resulted to the first year curriculum, as well as some department curricula as a results of this work.