Academic Advocacy

The EUS works tirelessly to advocate for the academic needs of students; be they about courses, lab safety, co-op, or any other academic-related issue. If at any time you have an academic complaint or need help pursuing an academic issue with the Faculty, please email We can help find you the best way to solve your problem or can direct you to the people best able to assist you.

In addition to responding to individual concerns, the EUS hosts three formal events each term where feedback from students is gathered and passed on to Faculty:

  • Each Department holds a Beef and Pizza (sometimes known as a Town Hall) event where students are able to direct their concerns directly to their Department.
  • In addition, the EUS holds a Grand Council meeting where all the Department Year Reps and Academic Reps come together to identify common problems.
  • These problems are then taken to the Student Advisory Committee where the EUS and Club Presidents take the concerns to the Department Heads and members from the Dean’s Office.

Previous advocacy efforts of the VP Academic led to students being allowed to use language courses towards their humanities credits, an external review of co-op leading to profound improvements, renovations of the ESS website, and the restructure of certain first-year courses.