Club Funding

The EUS provides funding to Department Clubs, and First Years. First Years get their funding in two installments: $500 in September, and $500 in January. The other Department Clubs receive Club Funding in the following manner:

Of the $9 per student club fees, $4 base funding will be given to clubs for each student in their respective department and $5 will be entered into a common performance fund.

Base Funding

If the $4 base funding total for a club is less than $500 (basically: if they have very few students), that amount will be increased to $500. Base funding for each year will be disbursed no later than one week following the receipt of first-term student fees by the Society. This will occur around the beginning of October.

 Performance Funding Distribution

The maximum performance funding available to each club in a year is calculated by dividing the total performance fund by the number of eligible clubs. The value of each performance category for an individual term is determined by dividing the performance funding available to each club by the number of categories and dividing this amount by two.  The first performance funding amount will be disbursed no later than January 15, and the second no later than April 25.

In order to receive Performance Funding, Department Clubs must provide several services to their constituents.

1) Publish a Club Newsletter

This newsletter should contain announcements and information on upcoming events relevant to the engineering student body at large – things like E-Week, EWB events, ESTC announcements, as well as interdepartmental events. You may use electronic distribution (email newsletters are fine). The newsletter must be distributed, on average, once a month. A copy must be submitted by e-mail to the EUS VP Administration.

2) Club Meetings

Weekly meetings of club executive and year reps shall be held to discuss club business (ideally these meetings should be open to anyone who wishes to attend – time and location can be published in your newsletter). Appropriate minutes for each meeting must be e-mailed to the  VP Admin no later than one week following the meeting.

The VP Admin shall be informed of the time and location chosen for meetings no later than the first day of classes for each term. If a standard meeting time cannot be decided, meeting minutes shall contain notice of the following weeks meeting.

Executive Contact List, Club Constitution and Policy Manual, Contact information for executives and year reps must be provided to the EUS VP Administration no later than September 20.  Changes for second term must be reported no later than January 20 (if no changes exist, send an email letting the VP Admin know this). Copies of the current Club Constitution and Policy Manual shall be provided to the EUS Secretary for archiving, at least once each year, no later than two weeks after the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3) Funding Multiplier

The multiplier for each club is set by the attendance of designated club representatives (or their proxies) at meetings of the Society.  This includes tEUSday meetings, Council meetings, Board meetings, and Grand Council meetings. If attendance for a term is above 90% and regrets have been sent to the EUS VP Administration at least 24 hours prior to any missed meetings, the multiplier shall be 100%.  In any other situation, the value of the multiplier shall match the percentage of meetings attended.

If any performance funds remain unclaimed with the EUS accounts after the second term performance fund payment, these funds shall be added to the Club Aid fund.

The Club Aid Fund exists for the purpose of aiding departmental clubs in dire need of financial assistance due to extenuating circumstances (eg. theft, major clubroom damage) that would very negatively affect the club’s financial stability.

Club Aid Fund will not fund professional activities, curricular projects, or conferences. Club Aid Fund will not fund anything where emergency funding should be covered by insurance costs or repairs of a building by the faculty. Club Aid Fund will not cover the costs of Special Occasion Liquor License (SOL) violations or any other incidents deemed to be the fault of the club.

Applications for Club Aid Fund should be submitted in writing to the EUS VP Finance and be both reviewed and voted on by the EUS Board of Directors. Only clubs with a 100% performance fund multiplier may apply for the Club Aid Fund.