Having a healthy, balanced lifestyle not only makes you feel great but also helps you do well at school. Make sure you’re not only doing schoolwork; go for a walk, watch a concert, volunteer with the EUS, de-stress! Want to excel? On top of studying make sure you schedule in regular exercise sessions, are eating well, and are getting enough sleep (research says 7-9 hours!). Visit the Wellness Centre in Irving/IKB for health and wellbeing tips and support, or visit this site for more ideas. You can also check out the AMS Speakeasy – a place where you can talk to a volunteer about anything, from relationship issues, to substance abuse, to sexuality, to exam stress. You can find the Speakeasy on the main floor of the Student Nest.

To promote wellness, the EUS VP Academic hosts two of Wellness Fairs leading up to the exam periods. These include booths with campus wellness services, stress relieving tips, and most importantly, puppies. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details leading up to the event! Everyone knows that petting puppies is the best way to de-stress and put a smile on your face!