UBC Tuition and Housing Increases

On October 7, 2014 members of the UBC Administration met with a few student leaders from the AMS to inform them that UBC was planning on two fee increases. As per Policy 71, The University of British Columbia is required to consult students with respect to changes in tuition and mandatory fees. Technically, October 7 was the start of this mandatory 30-day …

Veronica KnottUBC Tuition and Housing Increases

Iron Pin Ceremony

We would like to formally invite all UBC Vancouver Engineering Students, Staff and Faculty to the inaugural UBC Engineering Iron Pin Ceremony. This ceremony is a symbol of each student’s entrance into the profession being a UBC Engineer, and serves as an introduction to the ethical code that UBC Engineers uphold. Incoming Students – Tuesday, November 25, 11:00am – 12:15 …

VPCommIron Pin Ceremony

UBCEC Applications Open

The UBC Engineering Competition brings together 200 of the best students UBC has to offer. Contestants will have a choice of 7 events to showcase their knowledge and skills. With competitions ranging from VEX Kits to Debate, there is a competition for everyone. Winners of each event move on to the Western Engineering Competition (hosted by UBC this year!).Events include: …

VPCommUBCEC Applications Open


Midterms are scary: why not get into the Hallowe’en spirit and do some super spooky calculus & creepy chemistry? Bonus: you feel good about getting some studying in before you go out!This is a FREE midterm review study session! This open session will have tables set up for CHEM 154 and MATH 100/180, with tutors for each subject. We will …



The EUS loves pumpkins. What better way to show our great love for these festive gourds than through a week of pumpkin-themed activities? Check out the Facebook event for more details. PUMPKIN PATCH Oct 27th @ 12-1pm  - UBC Farm Join us as we go to UBC Farm and get Pumpkins (meet at noon in the CEME Cheeze)! PUMPKIN CARVING ...


OktoberfEUSt: we're bringing it back. In ages past, the EUS used to run a grand fair, an OktoberfEUSt, every fall. Unfortunately, times moved on, B-Lot became much smaller, and OktoberfEUSt faded into legend. But worry not! For your EUS Exec are bringing it back, slowly but surely. We're running a small OktoberfEUSt at Koerner's Pub on October 24th at 5pm. ...

PHYS 157 Tutoring

Come out for some PHYS 157 tutoring! We are offering two sessions: October 9th and October 14th. October 9th, 7:30-9:30pm in KAIS (Kaiser) 2020/2030:This first session will be focused on going over the key concepts of the course thus far. Snacks will be provided!October 14th, 6:30-8:30pm in KAIS (Kaiser) 2020/2030:This study session will allow you go over practice midterms. Feel free to …

VPCommPHYS 157 Tutoring

VP Student Life By-Election Results

Two weeks, two elections and an amazing voter turn out both times! It was an exciting race full of endorsements, creative posters and tons of Facebook posts. Thanks to the 354 voters who turned out – you and democracy are the true winners are this race. Alan Ehrenholz 264 (77.4%) Kinchit Joshi 77 (22.6%)   SUMMARY Answered Questions 341 (96.3%) Abstain …

Veronica KnottVP Student Life By-Election Results

Turkey Trot

Are you ready for the Turkey Trot? You better be. Come out Oct 8th at 12:00pm to run with Dean Parlange to raise money for United Way! Dean Parlange will match the donation of anyone who completes the race before he does. This year, Dean Parlange is also challenging the other UBC Deans to a “participation race” to gather as …

VPCommTurkey Trot
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VP Student Life By Election Candidates

Time to meet your candidates for the EUS VP Student Life Elections! Remember these important dates: Campaign period is from Sept 29 (starting at 12am) to Oct 3 at 4pm  Elections will be held on Oct 3rd from 12:00am-4:00pm. You will be able to vote online here, or in person in the Kaiser Atrium.  Winners will be announced at 4:30pm in CEME 2210, come celebrate with us! Alan Ehrenholz Hello All, My ...
VPCommVP Student Life By Election Candidates