Week E^0 is coming. Put on some red clothing (& maybe some red bodypaint) and get ready for two whole weeks full of fun first year events! It’s the second best two weeks of the year* – you don’t want to miss out. Check out the Week E^0 Schedule, and find out more about the events you can look forward …


End of an Era

Goodbye to the Cheeze, Hello to the ESC   Today was a historic day for all UBC Engineering students. The Cheeze Factory stood for the last time, marking the end of an era. The Cheeze Factory was an original UBC building; built in 1919. It was originally named the Dairy Building, and was under the control of the school of …

VPCommEnd of an Era

VP Academic By-Election Results

The VP Academic By-Election took place over the past week. The Elections Committee would like to thank everyone who voted. We had 84 voters turn out for the by-election. The VP Academic 2014/2015 results are: Mark Bancroft 51 Scott Pidzarko 33

VPCommVP Academic By-Election Results

EUS Elections 2014 Results

The Elections Committee wishes to thank everybody who participated in this years elections, especially the 751 voters. President Veronica Knott 458 Max Buchner 58 VP Academic <no candidate> VP Administration Alan Ehrenholz 189 Mark Bancroft 124 Nicholas Zeng 190 VP Communications Jeanie Malone 482 Reopen Nominations 51 VP External Negin Tousi  450 Reopen Nominations 58 VP Finance Armin Rezaiean-Asel 271 …

VPCommEUS Elections 2014 Results