Welcome to Week E^0 2015

Are you ready for Week E^0? It’s going to be fantastic: two weeks, 30+ events, 950+ first year engineers… get ready!  

VPCommWelcome to Week E^0 2015

WESST Executives Meeting 2015

The UBC EUS is a part of the Western Engineering Student Societies Team (WESST), who is the regional organization for undergraduate engineering societies west of Ontario. WESST is our regional representation but they also hold awesome conferences for transition and education of Society volunteers.  On May 8-11, WESST hosted it’s annual Executives Meeting (EM) in Edmonton Alberta. The conference was …

SocialMediaWESST Executives Meeting 2015

EUS Elections 2015: Results

EUS President 2015/2016 Alan Ehrenholz EUS VP Academic 2015/2016 Mark Bancroft EUS VP Administration 2015/2016 Scott Pidzarko   EUS VP Communications 2015/2016 Jeanie Malone EUS VP Finance 2015/2016 Dallas Gawlick EUS VP Student Life 2015/2016 Alex Hutchinson EUS VP Spirit 2015/2016 Meagan Fabel EUS AMS Representative 2015/2016 (1/2) Jamiu Abdsalami EUS AMS Representative 2015/2016 (2/2) Sareena Mohammad APSC Student Senator ...
PresidentEUS Elections 2015: Results

EUS Elections 2015: Referendum Questions

Referenda In addition to Elections, EUS Elections is also an opportunity for the Society to run Referenda questions to change Policy, Constitution or add fee levies. Any questions can be added to the ballot as long as they are approved by EUS Board of Governors. Current EUS Fees (2014/2015) CORE EUS FEE:   40$ This fee is the total amount ...
PresidentEUS Elections 2015: Referendum Questions

EUS Elections 2015: Candidates

Meet the Candidates for EUS Elections 2015. Make sure to read their biographies or come out to the EUS Elections Events to make an informed vote. Voting will take place from March 22-27 2015 online at:https://amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca/ EUS PresidentAlan Ehrenholz Hello, my name is Alan Ehrenholz and I am running to be your next Engineering Undergraduate Society President.  This role is ...
PresidentEUS Elections 2015: Candidates

AMS Constituency of the Year Award

Last night we were honoured to receive the AMS Constituency of the Year Award at the AMS All President’s Dinner. We want to thank everyone for their support of the EUS throughout the year. This award is for all our students who have given back to the EUS and the UBC Engineering Community. We would like to say a special …

PresidentAMS Constituency of the Year Award

EUS Elections 2015

Want to get involved in the EUS? Do you have ideas for events to run or changes to make? Then EUS Elections is your chance! EUS Elections 2015 are held in March and we elected 7 EUS Executives, 1 APSC Student Senator, and 2 AMS Representatives. This year Elections will be slightly different as we passed the EUS Restructure at ...
PresidentEUS Elections 2015

EUS Appreciation Awards

Last Saturday at the 96th Annual Engineer's Ball, in between all the E-Week Celebration, we took time to appreciate a few of the individuals who give so much to our Society. These awards were decided upon by the Executive Awards Committee. We want to take a moment again today to thank these individuals and their contributions to the EUS and ...
PresidentEUS Appreciation Awards

Old Red New Red

Our biggest Alumni event of the year is back – this time with an Alumni Iron Pin addition!  Old Red New Red is the best E-Week event because it’s all about hanging out with our awesome alumni. It’s a mix and mingle with snacks, drinks and awesome speakers. As well, it’s when our alumni will judge your Department’s Ball Models.  …

VPCommOld Red New Red

EUS Annual General Meeting Agenda

February 3 is the EUS Annual General Meeting. This is a meeting open to all Active Members of the Society to vote on any presented motions, make changes to the constitution, and hear accountability presentations from the EUS Executive. The votes of the Society are only binding with quorum is met, quorum is one/twentieth of the Active Members. This year …

PresidentEUS Annual General Meeting Agenda