WESST EM 2016 Recap

WESST is a network of thirteen engineering student societies at schools across western Canada – from British Columbia to Manitoba. WESST Executives Meeting is a conference held in May that serves as an opportunity for engineering student society executives to discuss best practices, transition incoming and outgoing executives, and learn from each other. It is also an opportunity to discuss …

VPCommWESST EM 2016 Recap
Wellness Fair and Puppies Cover-01

EUS Wellness Fair

Finals are on their way, term projects are due, and it’s time for the annual EUS Wellness Fair (spring edition!). Come drop by the Engineering Student Centre on April 7th from 12-2pm and learn about various wellness services on campus, and hang out with some dogs.

VPCommEUS Wellness Fair
Clubroom Crawl Cover-01

Clubroom Crawl

Are you a first year? Do you want to learn more about each Department/Program before you choose your second year placement? Well, the EUS has the answer: our annual Clubroom Crawl on April 7th from 6-9pm!   This tour of each department’s clubroom is a great opportunity to talk to upper years, and learn about the community of each Department/Program. …

VPCommClubroom Crawl

EUS By-Election

"The time has come," the Elections Administrator said, "To speak of many things: Of voters--and campaigns--and referenda-- Of platforms -- and standings-- And who shall be our next exec-- And what the next year brings." YOU THOUGHT THEY WERE OVER? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. Welcome back to the 2016 EUS Elections, and get ready for more Democracy. Be prepared to be invited to ...
VPCommEUS By-Election
Blood Drive 2.0 Cover

April Blood Drive

Are you ready to give?   It’s time for another EUS blood drive! We are adopting the Oak St. Clinic on April 4th & 5th!   By signing up and donating with us (or giving blood to research if you aren’t qualified to donate!), you can collect charity points and get yourself on your way to earning a Charity Patch …

VPCommApril Blood Drive

EUS Tutoring: Math 101

INTEGRALS. They’re happening. Join us for another review sesh with practice problems & people who know how to integrate. ubcengineers.ca/tutoring

VPCommEUS Tutoring: Math 101

EUS Volunteer Recruitment: Round 1

DO YOU WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Yes. You know you do. Round 1 of EUS Volunteer Recruitment, for directors and summer volunteers, will be accepting applications from March 18th – April 1st at 11:59pm. Interviews will be held April 4th – 8th. Manager and representative applications will open later in the year (ie. after finals). If you have any questions, don’t …

VPCommEUS Volunteer Recruitment: Round 1
Elections Night-01

Elections & Awards Night

The EUS would like to cordially invite you to our Elections & Awards Night. We will announce the EUS election winners at the beginning of the event, then the old executive will take some time to recognize their volunteers and the hard work they have put into the EUS this year. Food & drinks will be served!

VPCommElections & Awards Night

EUS Tutoring: PHYS 170

Mechanics. Dynamics. Wrenches. FREE BODY DIAGRAMS. Follow the way of Newton, he will never lead you astray. Just turn the crank of calculus. Get out your coloured pens, draw your diagram larger than your pen. Uhhhhh… Okay! Now we’re going to ask Newton. Join us for a sweet review session, with practice questions & helpful upper years. We’ll even practice …

VPCommEUS Tutoring: PHYS 170

Welcome to the 2016 EUS Elections

Below you will find everything you need to know about EUS Elections from events to candidate profiles and more! If you have any questions about elections, timelines, or specific requests can be addressed to elections@ubcengineers.ca. Most importantly, remember VOTING MARCH 21 -25 Campaigning is on now!Learn about your candidates before voting! Read Bios Here! Events and Dates    Campaigning Starts March ...
PresidentWelcome to the 2016 EUS Elections