The ESC Looking From Kaiser Atrium

Welcome to the ESC

With two floors and about ten thousand square feet of space total in the whole building the ESC has many rooms available for all engineering students to use. The ESC is jam-packed full with:

  • A games room
  • First Year Clubroom
  • Many couches to nap on
  • Two bookable group study rooms
  • A computer lab to study or game at with 5 public-use computers (with games and engineering software pre-installed)
  • A bookable meeting room for your society or club to host their meetings
  • The ESC Eatery to get your cheap coffee and snacks
  • A bar that can be used for bookable events
  • Red Sales, the place to buy all the Engineering Swag and supplies you need.

The games room is the place to come to blow off some steam, featuring a TV with all the consoles and classic games you can think of hooked up and playable at any time – classics like Super Smash on N64 or Halo 2 on Xbox, a pool table, an air-hockey table, a ping-pong table, and finally two free-to-play arcade machines!

The ESC has been built to LEED Gold Standards, and as part of that the old Cheeze had several portions of it reclaimed and recycled into building materials used for construction of the ESC. The solid beams and posts from the Cheeze were milled into the treads for the new building; and all the concrete from the existing Cheeze foundation was crushed and used as aggregated in the concrete for the ESC. The building features stunning wood beams and trusses as part of the structure, a mechanical room with a window so you could peer in if you’re so curious, and has red everywhere.

Get ready for the ESC: it truly is a building for UBC Engineers!