ESC Study Room Bookings

The EUS is happy to provide bookable student areas in the ESC through a convenient online system. Simply click on the start time you want to book in the room you'd like to book, and follow the instructions.


Study Rooms

There are 3 study rooms on the second floor. Booking the study rooms are free, and can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance and can accommodate up to 10 people each. Please be kind to others who are using the rooms before and after you and your group. Clean up any garbage and recycling as you are leaving.

Conference Room

The conference room on the second floor is bookable up to one term in advance. The conference room can accommodate approximately 20 people for a large group meeting – please refrain from booking the conference room for meetings that can happen in a group study room

ESC Society Study Room (Rm. #208)

ESC Study Room 1 (Rm. #209)

ESC Study Room 2 (Rm. 210)

ESC Conference Room (Rm. 213)