The EUS Council is the highest governing body within the EUS. It consists of seventeen voting members, comprised of the 7 Executives and 11 Club Presidents, known as the Board of Directors.

Also included in the Council are non-voting representatives: AMS Reps and the APSC Student Senator. Although these representatives are not granted votes and are therefore unable to move or second motions, they are considered respected members of the Council and are granted the same speaking privileges as other members of Council. Their insight into discussion topics and contributions to meetings are valuable and welcome.

Minutes and Policy

Minutes are uploaded here after they are approved at the beginning of each council meeting. For older, archived minutes, please contact the VP Admin.

For an easily searchable version of current EUS policy, check out:


Can anyone come to EUS Council Meetings or do you have to be a Councillor? You definitely do not need to be a Councillor to attend Council Meetings!!! Council Meetings are “open” and all members of the EUS may sit in without requiring invitations or notice.

Can I talk in a Council Meeting? Absolutely! Meetings are run by a Speaker who uses Roberts Rules. If you feel like you have something to contribute, simply raise your hand to catch the attention of the Speaker and you will may speak when acknowledged. All guests sitting in on meetings are reminded to respect the Speaker’s List, however, and keep talking amongst themselves when not addressing the Council limited as to not distract attention away from the main discussion.

How do I give a Presentation to Council? A presentation to Council is usually required when a request is being made to Council. Perhaps you want to run an event or start a new initiative and would like EUS support. If you wish to do so, email the VP Admin and they will let you know when you may make your presentation. Presentations are usually allotted 10 minutes.

Is there food at the EUS Council Meetings? Yes, but if you are attending, it would be wise to contact the VP Admin so that more arrangements can be made for food. Councillors will be given priority for food, since they are expected to attend each week.

What do you talk about at EUS Council Meetings? EUS Council Meetings are meetings during which the real Society-affecting decisions are made. Planning for referendums, discussing structure changes, deciding where large sums of money will go are just a few examples. Topics will significantly vary. Contact the VP Admin if you’d like to know what topics are likely to come up.

What is the difference between and Executive Meeting and an EUS Council Meeting? Executive Meetings are for the Executives! They are held on a weekly basis. Exec meetings as less formal and deal more with action items and tasks than large decisions. The EUS Exec will discuss topics such as details of an upcoming event, the coordination of services with another organization, or how planning is going for Week E^0. The EUS Exec may make more minor decisions but all major decisions will be brought to the Council.