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UBC Engineering Competition

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UBC Engineering Competition

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What is UBCEC?

UBCEC is an annual engineering competition hosted by the UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society. This year, it will be held on Sunday, October 21st at the UBC Vancouver campus. The competition consists of eight different categories and is open to undergraduate students of all skill levels and from any engineering department.

Competition Categories

Competitors can choose from eight different competition categories. Each has its own unique challenges, deliverables, and competition times.

Junior Design

Exclusive to first and second year students, the Junior Design category challenges teams of four students to construct a prototype that addresses a given engineering problem.

Senior Design

Given a hint one week before the competition, third year students and above will have twelve hours to develop a tactile solution to an in-depth engineering problem.

Innovative Design

This category requires the competitors to present an innovative and commercially viable solution to a problem of their own choosing. They are expected to carry out market research and feasibility studies, as well as draft a business proposal for their product.

Consulting Engineering

Teams of four will be presented with a large-scale engineering problem and asked to propose a solution that could be promoted to potential clients.

Impromptu Debate

The Impromptu Debate category challenges pairs of students to defend, from a given viewpoint, a topic disclosed just before the debate.

Re-engineering Design

Re-Engineering is the action of improving the design of an engineering concept, either by adding new features or improving its original function. In this category, teams of two will be given eight hours to complete their challenge.

Engineering Communications

Competitors will give a 20 minute presentation to a panel of judges. Students are assessed on their content, analysis, and presentation skills.


Teams of two to four students will have six hours to develop a solution to a given programming challenge.

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